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The Browns Played and Lost – It’s Over

The Browns Played and Lost – It’s Over

It’s All Over – Game #16 Review – Browns vs. Steelers 

Well that season felt like eight years, and not in a good way. Nonetheless, the 2015 NFL campaign is complete for the Cleveland Browns and I can enjoy my Sunday afternoons a bit more. The Browns lost to the Steelers and will fire almost everyone, what’s new? Here’s the quick recap.


Quarterback – Austin Davis was a game manager and turned the ball over a few times – pretty much what you could expect from a career backup quarterback. He was able to make a few plays, but it was far from good in this contest. I would be content if he and Josh McCown and the backups for Jared Goff next season. I hope the Browns trade Manziel at the first opportunity.

Running Back – Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson played much better than expected. Many were not anticipating them to have any type of success, but the veteran was able to run for a good deal of yardage on occasions, meanwhile the rookie once again showed his ability to catch and run with ease. I like this stable of runners next season, but time will tell who stays and who does not return. 

Wide Receiver – Terrelle Pryor caught a tremendous pass in the first half – that was pretty much it for the veteran wide out. He had a penalty and didn’t do much the rest of the way. Other than a few grabs by Travis Benjamin, the only guy could produce was Darius Jennings. However the athlete dropped multiple passes, including a touchdown. The bottom line is that the Browns need big, fast, and great wide receivers next year. 

Tight End – Gary Barnidge had a couple of nice receptions in this game, but could not find the end zone for the elusive tenth time this season. He was not complemented by any output at his position group, but what else is new? Hopefully the team can pair him with a solid target or two and the Browns can have weapons at their disposal.

Offensive Line – Cameron Erving continued to show his (in) ability as an offensive guard in the NFL. The rookie was driven back and taken advantage of, en route to multiple sacks for the opposition. I don’t know what to expect next year for this group, I just hope they are better in 2016. 


Defensive Line – I’ve been told that Danny Shelton played well in this contest for the Browns. Surely it helps going against a third string running back, as DeAngelo Williams left the game with an ankle injury. None of the other guys did anything of significance this matchup – there was no pressure on the signal caller all game long and they could not control the line of scrimmage. Once again, I have no clue of the turnover for this position group, but the Browns need to be better at this part of their team next season.

Linebacker – Outside of an interception by Craig Robertson (that was nullified by an interception by the offense) did any linebackers play for the Browns today? This position group has been wretched and pathetic and I am glad I don’t have to watch them play for a while. I don’t know what will occur – but getting rid of the horrible Barkevious Mingo would be a good start.

Secondary – There was no Joe Haden and Tramon Williams and whoever was left was not any good. Antonio Brown could sit and wait from the fat slob (and alleged rapist) at quarterback and move the ball with ease. I am eager to see what will occur for these guys next year. There are several underwhelming guys and decisions to be made – it would be a good move if the Browns could actually have good cornerbacks and safeties. 

Special Teams: Travis Coons made four field goals in this game. Other than that, the special teams were less than effective. They did not have great punt coverage or return the ball well. That’s all I got – I can’t sugarcoat it anymore

Coaching: Everyone’s getting fired – who really cares anymore? I like John DeFilippo and want him to return next season, so I’m sure he won’t. This offseason will be an utter long and depressing one.

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Another Awful Loss

Another Awful Loss

Looking Back at Game #12 – Bengals @ Browns

Wow, what a game for the Cleveland Browns. It was bad on offense, bad on defense, and bad on special teams for the home team. It was all around pathetic and par for the course for the orange and brown. I am looking forward to only four more contests the rest of the 2015 campaign. Here’s the debauchery below…


Quarterback – Austin Davis wasn’t embarrassing in this game, but he was far from great. The signal caller heaved a poor interception but made some nice plays with a depleted roster around him. He had a decent connection with Darius Jennings who is fresh off the practice squad. Davis should improve over time, but the question will be – will he or Manziel be the starter going forward?

Running Back – Both Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson were able to move the ball via some solid runs, but neither were great overall. I believe they can both be productive backs in this league but need a reliable line to have success in the NFL. Crowell looking at the ball during the pass behind the line of scrimmage did not help things out (recovered by the other team).

Wide Receiver – I give Darius Jennings and Brian Hartline all the credit for this contest. They were the only two (healthy) wide outs that made their mark in the matchup. The injury to Travis Benjamin did not help things out for the Browns, but someone had to catch and run with the ball. Marlon Moore made some catches as well, but he left the game with an injury as well. 

Tight End – Gary Barnidge was the only tight end for the Browns – he made a fair amount of grabs and looked as reliable as ever. He can’t do it all and if the team won’t ever play E.J. Bibbs then they should expect this part of the team to falter.

Offensive Line – Hang your head Cameron Erving; the injury to Joel Bitonio paved the way for the rookie to get the nod at right tackle once again. What ensued was embarrassment by the rookie from Florida State. I understand he is not used to being a guard, but he should know what it takes to block a defender. The edge could not be blocked either, which was a sad sight to see. 


Defensive Line – Jeremy Hill ran right through this Swiss cheese defense; it didn’t matter if it was up the middle or on the edge the Browns were awful in trying to stop the run. I would like to look up a guy who did well for the Browns’ defensive line but there weren’t any. All were bad – I hate to say it, but it remains true. 

Linebacker – Paul Kruger made one that that one time, remember that? Neither do I; the linebacker corps could not cover, tackle, or rush the passer in this contest. I suppose Nate Orchard had a nice deflection but the main thing I’ll take away from this game is that they were punked by Jeremy Hill and Chris Kirksey got penalized after one of their touchdowns. 

Secondary – It appears that the Browns missed the memo that A.J. Green is a good NFL athlete. Tramon Williams did not have safety help and was burned frequently during this contest. No one in the Browns’ secondary made an impactful play all game long; I didn’t even hear some of the names of these guys even mentioned. It’s just another black mark for this defense.

Special Teams: Bad punts and another blocked field goal; other than that the special teams were relatively even between the squads. I wish they could help the team out, but the offense and defense were so bad that special teams were irrelevant. 

Coaching: This team is just a mess. There’s bad coaching all around but also bad players and horrible execution. I cannot wait for the team to end their 2015 campaign to finally end, and hey next week is their final winnable game.

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