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L.A., St. Louis, and Cleveland – Why I Hate Moves

L.A., St. Louis, and Cleveland – Why I Hate Moves

NFL News:  Feeling for St. Louis

Much like what happened to the Browns around twenty years ago, the Rams will be moving from St. Louis and their fans will be left (again) without a professional football team.  Every time there is news, rumors, or debate about a franchise moving – it always takes me back to when I was a kid and the orange and brown left town.  Therefore typically support teams staying put and am against the relocation of teams (however, there can always be exceptions).  The move from the Midwest to Tinsel Town is no different.

Earning a Team

I understand that the Los Angeles market supports the NBA pretty well, and to a lesser extent the MLB and NHL.  However the NFL is at its highest point of popularity ever and it appears that they are doing fine without a franchise in the second-largest city in the country.

What I usually contend is that Los Angeles is largely a transplant city – where the residents already have their favorite NFL team
(likely from the area where they originated).  Also, I believe the vast majority of those living in the metropolis simply do not care
about football on Sundays.  There are many other things going on in the city, and frankly this sport is a blip on the radar (whether this is stereotypical or not).

Lost Teams Before

It is extremely ironic that St. Louis lost its second professional football franchise (the Cardinals preceded the Rams’ exit), as Los
Angeles is in the same situation.

Both the Rams and Raiders deserted southern California twenty years ago, and the Chargers left after being there one season in the 1960s. To this I ask, what gives Los Angeles the edge over other areas to obtain an NFL team?  I really wish there were studies conducted to determine the best fit for the Rams – assuming they had to move.  All things being equal, I would figure that Los Angeles would be far from the top of the list of options.

All Mighty Dollar

The greed continues for Roger Goodell and his minions; what would be the best way to make even more money (as if they don’t have enough)? Put a team in L.A. and charge a hefty fee in order to move a franchise (over half of a billion dollars).  Once the team actually is within the city limits, there is new merchandise to be sold as well as the price of admission (which figures to be rather high) and any other costs with supporting this new franchise.

Conclusion:  The rich keep getting richer and I am against this greedy move made by the NFL.  St. Louis is an awesome fan base who was saddled with a poor owner in Stan Kroenke.  For the second time in about forty years, they are left holding the bag while another city gets their (former) football team.  Now, I’ll finally be able to watch games in Los Angeles in stadiums filled with visiting fans and rich locals who do not care as much as supporters from the city that just lost the Rams.  As a Browns fan, I feel nothing but sympathy and disappointment by this decision – time will tell if this was the right move.

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