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Going from Here – Coming off a Win

Going from Here – Coming off a Win

Handling Success:  Next Steps

Now that the Browns have ended their long (long) losing streak, the main question is – how are they going to react to being successful?  With they assume the team has done their jobs and can go into cruise control?  Or is the young club hungry enough to start rattling off multiple victories in a row?  There are three vital areas surrounding the team that could help determine whether the team will win.

Baker’s First Start

Let’s start with the positive; Baker Mayfield will not enter this game with a fourteen point deficit (barring something wildly terrible
happening for the Browns).  On the other hand, this is the first opportunity for another franchise to game plan for the rookie.  I have faith Baker will have a solid performance, likely not as well as he did last Thursday however.  He should put together a winning output that can propel the offense to victory.

Different Stadium

Baseball dirt in a football stadium?  What year is it?  Where are we?  Ah yes, in Oakland we will see this on Sunday (as the Athletics will continue to use the field for some time).  The Browns will have to ensure they will not lose footing in those areas – be it a wide receiver, quarterback, or kicker.  The Raiders are used to this being their home stadium, but I hope it’s not their home field advantage.

Back to Being a Dog

Following being a home favorite for the first time in nearly three years, the Cleveland Browns are back to being underdogs on the road to a winless club.  I have to admit that I was surprised to see the line open up the way that it did – but perhaps that will put a chip on the shoulders of Baker Mayfield and the rest of the club.  I expect Derek Carr to play better than he has been so far this season, but the Browns’ defense should still make some plays.

Conclusion:  Immediately following the win over the Jets, I looked at the schedule and thought “oh, there’s a ton of wins on the horizon”.  After calming down and taking it week by week, I know that this will be a very tough matchup.  They could afford to get two to three more turnovers, as I fear that will lose at least one themselves.  Whether the offense or defense is on the field at the end of the game, I believe the Browns will win.  I shudder to think about this coming down to special teams – as the Browns have not had the upper hand in that department.

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Yet Another Loss Breakdown – Browns vs. Raiders

Yet Another Loss Breakdown – Browns vs. Raiders

Review of Raiders @ Browns – Game #2 

What’s that? Another embarrassing performance by the Cleveland Browns against an inferior performance? You better believe it. Turnovers, not stopping the run, and sloppy play did in a team that did not play up to what they should have. I’m pretty embarrassed at their play, and now they face a tough seven game stretch. Let’s review the poor play.


Quarterback – I am confident in stating that the Josh McCown experiment is nearing a close. The veteran signal caller was brutal in stepping up in the pocking, avoiding the rush, and hitting his targets. He only hit Brian Hartline and Gary Barnidge in situations and scored only when the team was down but quite a bit. Put in Johnny for the next game, but I fear the coaching staff won’t agree with me for quite some time.

Running Back – This unit failed to improve upon their performance last contest. Isaiah Crowell had a nice scamper to the one-yard line, then the Browns settled for a field goal. That was pretty much all you needed to know; it was a depressing output by the rushing attack. Duke Johnson made a few nice plays, but it was not enough to be content with position group.

Wide Receiver – Not hitting Travis Benjamin on the deeper routes was the downside for the wide outs. He made a few nice grabs, but the receivers did not distinguish themselves in this matchup. I was happy to see Brian Hartline made a few nice catches (especially during third down), but that was not good enough to make me feel good about targets for the signal caller.

Tight End – Outside of Gary Barnidge, the tight end spot was invisible and rather disappointing. The veteran had a score and several nice grabs for the team, however none of the other tight ends could produce on Sunday. I am still looking for E.J. Bibbs to emerge as a reliable option for this group, but the coaching staff still wants Rob Housler to play.

Offensive Line – The continued improvement that I was hoping for did not happen for the guys upfront. I suppose they were ok in opening up holes for Isaiah Crowell, but they did not give Josh McCown plenty of time to throw (especially in the first half). I do not know what it’s going to take to get these guys back on track, but the Browns better fix it soon.


Defensive Line – Putting zero pressure on the opposing signal caller will not get you wins in the NFL – I do not care if you are facing Peyton Manning or JaMarcus Russell. For the second time in three weeks, the Browns front three did not breathe on the opponent and it cost them dearly. I guess Armonty Bryant and Randy Starks made a few nice plays in this contest, but surrendering yet another rusher over 100 yards simply is not going to cut it.

Linebacker – Thirteen more games until Barkevious Mingo will no longer roam these sidelines. The former first round draft choice has been a huge bust and has not nearly lived up to his capabilities. I feel back for Paul Kruger, as he is the only guy who can make an impact on the edge. If Craig Robertson is injured for some time, I worry about the depth in the middle. Kirksey and Dansby are fine athletes but not shut down stars.

Secondary – Amari Cooper simply punked Joe Haden in this contest – the rookie got separation and embarrassed the veteran cornerback. Donte Whitner was not good either, and he appeared to be a step slow when in coverage. I am disappointed in the play of Tashaun Gipson – the free safety has not recovered from his injury last season. The only guy who is reliable (at this point) in the secondary appears to be Trammon Williams – maybe Jim O’Neil should put him against the number one wide out going forward.

Special Teams: Let’s look at the positives, Andy Lee is a solid punter and Travis Benjamin should still be a reliable punt returner. Travis Coons appears to have been the right choice at kicker as well. Let’s face it, the Browns did not lose this game due to poor special teams – hopefully they are able to be the reason for a win down the line.

Coaching: Keep Josh McCown at the helm is just delaying the inevitable. Mike Pettine must know that the veteran does not give the team the best opportunity to win an NFL game. Can Johnny Manziel be the guy going forward? Who knows, but the coaching staff has got to find out what they have with the first round draft pick. It will likely happen in a few weeks, but Browns’ fans are impatient (and deservedly so).

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A Glance into Game #3 – Raiders @ Browns

A Glance into Game #3 – Raiders @ Browns

Raiders @ Browns – Game #3 Preview

It’s not every week that both the Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders are coming off victories; however that is the case headed into the third week of the 2015 season.  Getting off to a 2 – 1 start is huge for both of these clubs – and will give them an edge at the playoffs (provided many wins follow this Sunday).  There will be a few critical factors in this matchup that can decide the outcome, like last week I hope they go the Browns’ way.  For a further look at the game, below is the breakdown.


Quarterback:  Johnny Manziel made great strides last week and capped off an efficient contest with an excellent score down the field.  For that reason, I want to see him under center this Sunday – but it appears that the coaching staff might feel otherwise.  Regardless of who is the signal caller, the game plan looks to be the same.  Get an early lead, primarily run the ball, pass when you have to, and prevent any turnovers.  This matchup is another game where the Browns can win with this formula; it all comes down to execution.

Running Back:  Was last week a mirage, or a sign of greater things to come?  I would like to think the latter, as both Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson got the ground game going.  They have still yet to break out on that long run, or consistently pick up large chunks of yards – but growth was evident last week.  I envision this will continue against the Raiders, including another score by one of the backs.  A rusher in this game will lose a turnover, but he will be donning the silver and black.

Wide Receiver:  It’s all but a given that Travis Benjamin will be game planned against going forward.  The speedster has accounted for all receiving touchdowns for the team in the first two weeks; now opponents will make sure they do not get beat deep.  Taylor Gabriel, Andrew Hawkins, and Brian Hartline are the next three in line to garner receptions in this offense.  As of now, they have not done anything to prove they can be trusted though.  That must change on Sunday, if the Browns expect to come out ahead.  The veterans have a chance to prove Ray Farmer correct in implying that this unit was good enough to forgo a wide out in the early rounds of the 2015 draft.

Tight End:  If Gary Barnidge can make a huge grab or two like he did against the Titans, I will feel pretty good about the tight end group. There were some fine blocks by Jim Dray – but other than that, these guys are pretty much invisible.  Is it time to see E.J. Bibbs?  I think so; Rob Housler has not done one thing to warrant playing time
over the undrafted rookie, and I feel the younger guy can catch and run better than his veteran counterpart.  Maybe the coaching staff is waiting to unleash this apparent wildcard?

Offensive Line:  Unfortunately, it looks like Alex Mack is still not where was athletically before his broken leg (in 2014).  The result is an underachieving offensive line, but improvement is still not out of the cards.  I am confident in this team’s pass protection, as the quarterback’s evasiveness has assisted with that part of the offense.
The run blocking has been lacking, but looked well against the Titans – the jumbo packages with Cameron Erving might be the trick in making holes for runners to go through.


Defensive Line:  From zero to seven sacks in one week, what a difference consistent pressure makes!  Jamie Meder, John Hughes, and Randy Starks all got into the action a week ago.  The eight hundred pound elephant in the room continues to be the run defense and its inability to stop opponents.  Latavius Murray is no slouch, and can make life frustrating for Jim O’Neil and the Browns’ defenders if their offensive line provides alleys to run through.  I predict this is the week where they put it all together, funneling the opposition to the middle of the field where Danny Shelton can work his magic.

Linebacker:  During Scott Solomon’s loss of playing time from his injured ankle, another athlete would have to fill in opposite Paul Kruger at outside linebacker.  With Barkevious Mingo displaying his usual lackluster ability, Armonty Bryant came out on top.  The veteran crashed on the edge pretty well and looked like a viable starter in
this defense.  His transition from defensive line to linebacker is far from complete, but if last week is any indication – I am all for him getting a majority of reps on Sunday.  On the inside, it is status quo (once again) for the trio of linebackers.  They continue to be a strength of this defense, now they need a few of those impactful plays.

Secondary:  Overall the unit has grown, but the secondary is still a ways from there they would like to be.  Joe Haden recovered a fumble, while Trammon Williams was stout in coverage all game long.  However, the opposing tight ends were playing pitch and catch with the quarterback at will.  That cannot occur on a weekly basis, otherwise games could get ugly.  Tashaun Gipson needs to return to his 2014 form of jumping routes and taking interceptions back for many yards.  I thought K’Waun Williams held his own last contest – he will be expected to step up against a wide receiving corps that features Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper.

Special Teams:  Not a lot to complain about here – the kicking and coverage units have been solid while the return games have been excellent.  Winning in this matchup could be the decider between a win and a loss, and I like the Browns in the special teams’ battle.

Coaching:  I would expect a similar blueprint to last week by both the Browns’ offensive and defensive coaching staffs.  Maintain a lead and play conservatively, with the quarterback making some throws here and there.  Meanwhile, the defense will be relentless and will make Derek Carr nervous on every drop back.

Prediction (My Record: 0 – 2):  Well, I have been wrong so far – and would love to pick against the Browns every week (assuming they can always prove me wrong).  However, with the Raiders traveling east and coming off a huge win over the Ravens – I see a big letdown and do see the Browns actually winning 27 – 17.

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Still a Good Win Over the Raiders

Still a Good Win Over the Raiders

I’ll Take a Win No Matter What

It was not pretty for most of the contest, but the Browns did their job in the second half en route to a 23 – 13 win over the Raiders. The home squad forced three turnovers while not committing any – a true recipe for success. I am glad they won the contest, but the Browns are far from a dominant team.

Offense: Brian Hoyer’s struggles continued but at least he eliminated the same kind of turnovers from a week ago. The quarterback completed nineteen of twenty-eight passes for 275 yards and a touchdown. Despite missing a few wide-open targets, he avoided a silly mistake. I look for him to improve drastically in the coming week but time will only tell for the former Michigan State signal caller. I thought Johnny Manziel would get a nod in this contest. That wasn’t the case, but fans should expect it soon – even if Hoyer continues to play well.

The lack of a running attack is beyond alarming. Thirty-nine yards on the ground is not going to win many NFL games, but the Browns were able to do it. I do not care who is caring the football (Tate, West, or Crowell), but they must be efficient in moving it forward. I understand the offensive line is going through some changes, but the rushers have got to improve going forward – and fast.

Two of the smaller wide outs were large impacts for the Browns on Sunday. Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel combined for nine catches, 148 yards, and a touchdown. I like their ability to secure grabs but they must both show consistency. Another concern I have is the durability of Jordan Cameron. The tight end finished with three grabs for forty yards, but left the contest with yet another concussion. If he keeps getting hurt, the offense will not be able to rely on his duties on a weekly basis. The rest of the season is critical for the tight end to prove he is a valuable asset in the NFL.

I hope the lack of a running attack by the Browns was due to the offensive line not being as cohesive as they should be. Nick McDonald got his first start with this group, but the team could not carry the football well. I’m looking forward to the interior to gel quickly, as they have some critical contests in the next few weeks. Struggling on one or two yards to gain is rather upsetting, and the Browns must get past this.

Defense: Well it’s an improvement; the defensive line finally held a team under 100 yards on the ground. Perhaps it was the return of Ahtyba Rubin in the middle, or the solid play of John Hughes (who had four stops). Although Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren McFadden’s better days in the NFL are likely behind them, it was refreshing to see them not scurry down the field with ease.

For the first time all season long, Barkevious Mingo finally made an impactful play. The outside linebacker recovered an important fumble – setting up the Browns’ second touchdown. However, Paul Kruger was the best man on the outside; he tallied five tackles and all three sacks for the home team. All three interior linebackers played relatively well. Karlos Dansby finished with eight tackles, while Chris Kirksey and Craig Robertson combined for nine stops and a pass defended. This was a pleasant site to see, and I believe the catalyst for the defense finally turning the corner.

Joe Haden and Donte Whitner were the two stars for the secondary. Not only were they the team’s two leaders in tackles, they combined for the most important play of the game. Whitner forced a key fumble in the third quarter, while Haden grabbed it and ran down the field (setting up the Browns’ first touchdown). Without that execution, this outcome could have been much different. Another game, another interception for Tashaun Gipson; the safety continues to impress this season. I thought Justin Gilbert improved as well, the rookie has a fair amount of room for growth but Sunday was a positive sign.

Special Teams: I thought Travis Benjamin got his swagger back after a nice first punt return of over ten yards. However, he fumbled the ball on the next one and was replaced by veteran Jim Leonhard. Chris Tabor has some more decisions to make this week with his return personnel. I was glad to see Billy Cundiff make a fifty-two yard field goal; his confidence should be building.

Coaching: Leading 6 – 0, coach Pettine finally made the smart move and went for the field goal instead of going for a touchdown on fourth down. The Browns took a 9 – 0 lead and never looked back. I believe he learned from his earlier mistakes and can rely on his defense to win close contests going forward. It was a job well done on Sunday, now the Browns need to keep it up next week.

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Sneakin’ an Early Peek – Raiders @ Browns

Sneakin’ an Early Peek – Raiders @ Browns

Previewing Game #7 – Raiders @ Browns

What better way for the Browns to get over last week’s dismal performance?  The answer is to go out there and play exceptionally against the Oakland Raiders.  They have their only late afternoon
contest of the season, so hopefully the team’s body clocks are not out of synch.  Win or lose, however, that will not be an acceptable excuse for the fan base.  They expect the Browns to get back on track and dominate the rookie-led franchise with an interim coach.  Let’s look deeper into this matchup.

Offense:  It was one of those days last week in Jacksonville.  Nothing went right for the Cleveland offense and most of the issues were due to the ineptitude of Brian Hoyer.  Will this type of output continue the rest of the 2014 campaign?  That is unlikely, and he should be completing the same types of throws he was just two weeks earlier against the Steelers.  A fumble and an interception were definitely out of character, but Hoyer will succeed in protecting the ball in this contest.  I also expect to see him to complete two touchdown passes, which isn’t much, but it positive momentum for the veteran.

Where does the running game go from here?  Will they continue go with three runners, the way they did last week (which was unsuccessful)?  I foresee a steady dose of Ben Tate primarily between the tackles, and several outside runs for Isaiah Crowell.  That has been the formula for proven efficiency and yardage for this offense.  Even if they have issues running early, I want to see them sticking to the run.  The only way play action passing can work is with the threat of a run; that was non-existent last week and thus they had troubles passing as well.

Andrew Hawkins came back with a fury of a game last week, but it was all for naught.  I loved seeing him record over 100 yards receiving, including a haul of sixty-five yards.  Hopefully he does it again as a part of a victory – he continues to show he can make all sorts of different plays.  Is Jordan Cameron’s injured shoulder still lingering?  Were the Jaguars scheming to take him out of the Browns’ game plan?  Whatever the reason, the tight end is not getting involved in contests.  Like Hawkins’ last outing, I would enjoy seeing an outburst of yards and scores by the free agent to-be this offseason.

Alex Mack is not walking through that door folks (at least as a healthy player).  The offensive line was horrendous last matchup, and Paul McQuistan and John Greco underwhelmed in their first full game starting in new positions.  It might be time to see whether Nick McDonald is ready to play center and slide Greco back to guard; the unit cannot keep getting stuffed up the middle.  My eyes will be focused on this group during the first offensive drive – it may be telling to see whether they can fuel a solid win or if it’s going to be another long day.

Defense:  Despite all the injuries, there is zero excuse (that is reasonable) to explain the Browns’ run defense.  They are still very porous and are letting opponents (both larger and smaller backs)
breeze through open holes.  Will Ahtyba Rubin and/or Billy Winn finally get back on the field this week?  I desperately hope so, as those veterans might be the difference between respectable and despicable.  Garnering an early lead will limit opposing running attempts as well, as Tony Sparano would be forced to utilize the pass to try to catch up.

The three outside linebackers were nowhere to be found – Paul Kruger, Barkevious Mingo, and Jabaal Sheard had a combined six stops and zero impactful plays.  The defense can get by if other athletes step up in their absence, but having little to no outside pressure has been
killing the Browns.  On the flip side, Chris Kirksey and Karlos Dansby tallied fifteen tackles, two sacks, and a pair of hits on Blake Bortles.  This week, the coaching staff must figure out a way to have the outside linebackers play more like the guys on the inside.  The linebackers have the potential to become a dominant unit, but it all has to come together (which is very easy to be said).

Right place, right time continues to be the motto for Tashaun Gipson. I would not be surprised to see him collect another interception this contest.  Buster Skrine has been inconsistent most of this year but I have confidence he can be solid against a James Jones or Denarius Moore.  Will Joe Haden be invisible once again?  Teams might think twice to pick on him, as the veteran is recovering well from his hip injury.  I hope K’Waun Williams returns this week as his play had added another dimension to this secondary.  The bottom line is, they must force rookie Derek Carr into mistakes – and more importantly capitalize on those with touchdowns.

Special Teams:  That’s now two returners who have mishandled punts for the Browns.  Will they use Jim Leonhard more in this role?  Should they go back to Travis Benjamin?  Chris Tabor’s only huge issue is this part of the game, but it is glaring.  The team is not good enough to overcome large mistakes like the one that occurred last week.

Coaching:  It seems like Mike Pettine has a very aggressive coaching style, some times to his detriment.  I’m always for attempting touchdowns over field goals but sometimes he has to read the situation better.  He’s got to get some of these tough decisions right – I know he has all the confidence in the world in this offense, but if they don’t execute it comes back to Pettine.

Prediction (My Record: 4-2):  Last week’s game was garbage, so let’s toss it out and forget about it.  I think the Browns play the way they should have in Jacksonville and win a game by a decent margin at home. They finish out ahead of the visitors by the score of 24 – 16.

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The Next Quarter: Looking at Games 9 to 12

The Next Quarter:  Looking at Games 9 to 12

Continuing our Preview of the 2014 Browns Regular Season

A Look into the Third Quarter of the Campaign: Games 9 -12

At this point of the regular season, coaches (and fans) should pretty much know what to expect from the Browns on a weekly basis.  More often than not, amidst a putrid season, the Browns have faltered in late games.  Let’s hope that’s not the case in 2014, and the team continues for a rare successful year.  Unlike games five through eight, these are primarily on the road – but I would not count the Cleveland Browns out of these contests just yet.

Thursday, November 6th – @ Cincinnati

Known for sloppy play in recent history, it’s hard to believe that the nation will be extremely excited for the Thursday night battle between the Ohio foes.  Fans vividly remember the Browns’ game last year, where both starting quarterbacks had major injuries and Brandon Weeden finished out the victorious contest.  I’m looking forward to the Browns breaking whatever hex there is at Paul Brown Stadium, but that is a tall order.  It may take a huge effort – by the defense or maybe even Johnny Manziel.  Current odds of victory (1-10): 3

Sunday, November 16th – vs. Houston

In the first of three games that can go either way, I like that this contest is at First Energy Stadium.  A lot of new faces will be on the roster for the guests.  Can Jadeveon Clowney become that bookend star opposite J.J. Watt?  There’s a good opportunity for that to occur, but on the other side of the ball I’m one for betting against Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, and Tom Savage.  A great deal of carries should be given to former Texan Ben Tate this contest.  Current odds of victory (1-10): 5

Sunday, November 23rd – @ Atlanta

I firmly believe 2013 was an aberration for the Falcons, who have a tremendous roster – injuries led to their downfall and a multitude of losses.  This appears to be an extremely difficult matchup for the Browns and should feature several touchdowns.  I am pulling for Joe Haden and the secondary to force a few errant throws by Matt Ryan. There’s a good probability that doing so might be the only way the visitors have a chance to leave the Georgia Dome (for the final time) with a win.  Current odds of victory (1-10): 4

Sunday, November 30th – @ Buffalo

An annual matchup between defending cellar dwellers (of their respective divisions), the Browns once again face the Bills.  This time Mike Pettine will be on the sidelines of the orange and brown, but with the number of changes that occur annually in the NFL it’s going to be difficult to believe he will have intimate knowledge of his former defense.   Both rosters appear to be improved from last season and another tight contest should be expected.  Current odds of victory (1-10): 6

Conclusion:  Outside of the nationally televised contest to start this stretch, I am firmly on the fence (at least right now) in terms of the Browns winning games.  Things could become clearer in the near future – i.e. hot streaks, injuries, etc. – but I am far from guaranteeing anything.  It’s safe to say that while all contests in the NFL are important (specifically intra-divisional matchups); securing winnable ones are huge building blocks.  That is exactly the scenario for the Browns during games nine through twelve.

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The Next Four: Previewing the Browns’ 2014 Season

The Next Four:  Previewing the Browns’ 2014 Season

Looking at the Next Quarter of the 2014 Campaign

Games 5 – 8 and a Sneak Peek:

On paper, the next four games for the Cleveland Browns appear to be more winnable than the first four (of the 2014 campaign).  It is still the NFL however, and anything can occur during the three-hour contests.  Let’s take an early glance at a portion of the schedule that will be played primarily at First Energy Stadium.

Sunday, October 12th – vs. Pittsburgh

Will this contest feature a different starting quarterback for the Browns than the first contest against the Steelers?  Could Manziel start the opener and Hoyer get the nod on October 12th?  It is extremely early, but speculation will run rampant from now until training camp wraps up.  I’m in the camp of playing the guy who can get it done and beat the team just to the east of Cleveland.  I’ll let coach Pettine and Kyle Shanahan determine exactly who that is. Current odds of victory (1-10): 6

Sunday, October 19th – @ Jacksonville

A perennial sub-.500 franchise, the Jaguars actually closed out their 2013 campaign rather well (going 4-4 during the final eight contests). The question then remains whether that momentum can be carried into this season.  The team is relying on Chad Henne as their quarterback and are content with letting rookie Blake Bortles hold a clipboard this fall.  However, as we all know in Cleveland, things have a way of not going according to script.  You can bet that the Browns’ defense will be salivating if Bortles is under center during this matchup. Current odds of victory (1-10): 8

Sunday, October 26th – vs. Oakland

Another contest against a team that does a lot of losing presents itself here (for the Browns).  Additionally, rookie signal caller Derek Carr might be playing should Matt Schaub perform the way he did in 2013.  Nothing is guaranteed in this league (as the Browns were a Fozzy Whittaker muffed onside kick away from beating the Patriots last
year), but this is one game I firmly believe the Browns should come out ahead.  I’m hoping the home stadium is rocking if the opponent, traveling three time zones over, succumbs to misfortune.  Current odds of victory (1-10): 9

Sunday, November 2nd – vs. Tampa Bay

Before the season begins, the visiting team appears as a group of pushovers.  However, I feel they will surprise a vast majority and give the Browns a difficult game.  Lovie Smith will have their defense ready to shut down the running game and limit whoever is under center. The winner of the Josh McCown/Mike Glennon quarterback derby might have a strong outing in this contest.  Turnovers will likely be the difference between a narrow win and a crushing defeat.  Current odds of victory (1-10): 6

Conclusion:  Rightly or wrongly, my confidence in the team exceling is rather high during games five through eight.  Hopefully, this is the portion where the Browns either make up ground or (somehow) distance themselves from the AFC North.  Going winless or just securing one victory in this portion of the schedule would be extremely deflating
and something this franchise does not need.

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