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Going from Here – Coming off a Win

Going from Here – Coming off a Win

Handling Success:  Next Steps

Now that the Browns have ended their long (long) losing streak, the main question is – how are they going to react to being successful?  With they assume the team has done their jobs and can go into cruise control?  Or is the young club hungry enough to start rattling off multiple victories in a row?  There are three vital areas surrounding the team that could help determine whether the team will win.

Baker’s First Start

Let’s start with the positive; Baker Mayfield will not enter this game with a fourteen point deficit (barring something wildly terrible
happening for the Browns).  On the other hand, this is the first opportunity for another franchise to game plan for the rookie.  I have faith Baker will have a solid performance, likely not as well as he did last Thursday however.  He should put together a winning output that can propel the offense to victory.

Different Stadium

Baseball dirt in a football stadium?  What year is it?  Where are we?  Ah yes, in Oakland we will see this on Sunday (as the Athletics will continue to use the field for some time).  The Browns will have to ensure they will not lose footing in those areas – be it a wide receiver, quarterback, or kicker.  The Raiders are used to this being their home stadium, but I hope it’s not their home field advantage.

Back to Being a Dog

Following being a home favorite for the first time in nearly three years, the Cleveland Browns are back to being underdogs on the road to a winless club.  I have to admit that I was surprised to see the line open up the way that it did – but perhaps that will put a chip on the shoulders of Baker Mayfield and the rest of the club.  I expect Derek Carr to play better than he has been so far this season, but the Browns’ defense should still make some plays.

Conclusion:  Immediately following the win over the Jets, I looked at the schedule and thought “oh, there’s a ton of wins on the horizon”.  After calming down and taking it week by week, I know that this will be a very tough matchup.  They could afford to get two to three more turnovers, as I fear that will lose at least one themselves.  Whether the offense or defense is on the field at the end of the game, I believe the Browns will win.  I shudder to think about this coming down to special teams – as the Browns have not had the upper hand in that department.

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So who’s the guy at the fourth selection?

So who’s the guy at the fourth selection?

Final call at #4 – Who are the Browns going to take?

Enough of this speculation, the time has finally come to make my official prediction regarding who the Cleveland Browns will choose with the fourth overall selection of the 2014 NFL Draft.  Clearly, they can go a myriad of directions but they need a impactful playmaker who can excel over a long period of time.

Again, the ideal scenario is that the franchise secures their signal caller at number four and can worry about other positions for years to come.  However, I’m buying into (which could turn out to be erroneous) the hype that the Browns will wait to take their quarterback.  Therefore, that reduces my options to just two players.

On the offensive side of the football, wide receiver has become the second most important position – after the quarterback.  Despite featuring one of the best in the league (at this spot) in Josh Gordon, the team could still use another guy in the huddle to put fear in their opponent.  That guy is Sammy Watkins; the dynamic standout from Clemson.  He is not as tall as Gordon (just under six-feet, one-inch), but his skill set – which features break-away speed – is very complementary.

Defensively, terrorizing quarterbacks is the name of the game.  Some have argued that Jadeveon Clowney may not be the best pass rusher available in this draft – that distinction lies with Khalil Mack.  He has tremendous measurables (six-feet, three-inches and 248 pounds) while flashing brilliance last season.  Would the team take a guy in the same position as they did in 2013?  Is passing on Mack a wise idea?  The defender’s presence could really help transform this franchise.

I understand the receiving crop is very deep, but my gut feeling is that the Browns will take Sammy Watkins with the fourth overall selection.  The thought of him, Gordon, Andrew Hawkins, Ben Tate, and Jordan Cameron makes me smile.  This might be the most talented offense the Cleveland Browns have had since probably the 1980s.  Obviously, they have to still have to put it together on the field – but I would be willing to roll the dice with these athletes.

Conclusion:  The two additional weeks of draft chatter has been mind-numbing, and I am thankful it is coming to an end.  I may not be correct in my prediction, but getting Watkins would be great for this organization.  However, trading down or choosing a quarterback early would not surprise me in the least.  The offense has sputtered greatly for a long period of time; Watkins could make life easier for Hoyer and any other quarterbacks on this roster

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