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Cleveland Browns – Bye Week

Cleveland Browns – Bye Week

The Bye Week Blues:  Cleveland Browns

Another midseason break and the Browns do not have a win to their name – just like the 2016 squad.  Despite not playing a contest this weekend, negative news continued to trickle out around Berea.  Both local and national media continue to pile on the orange and brown (and probably rightly so).  The train has gone off the rails (or further from the rails, depending on who you ask) and the dissension within the ranks is becoming more apparent.  Now, let’s take a look at some of the recent happenings for the team.

Trade that Didn’t Occur

A second and a third round selection for a backup quarterback (who is not named Steve Young)?  That was the apparent asking price for A.J. McCarron by the Cincinnati Bengals – and the Browns were inches from pulling the trigger on the deal.  There have been conflicting reports of who supported the swap and who didn’t, but I am glad the team did not approve the trade.  Honestly I don’t care who did what – but I am concerned that ONCE AGAIN the front office and the coaches appear to not be on the same page.  I am glad the team did not throw away a pair of selections for a mediocre signal caller, but more of the same for this franchise.

Josh Gordon Reinstatement

The second bit of news to hit the news is the suspension being lifted for troubled wide out Josh Gordon.  The Browns’ star had a tremendous campaign in 2013, but has largely been held out of games in his professional career – due to drug and other substance abuse infractions.  Personally, I anticipate he will not play a snap for the orange and brown (and a release might be granted in the near future).  Having said that, my expectations are low if he does appear in a contest for the Browns.  I understand he is only twenty-six years old, but all those games off will keep him ill-prepared for the rigors of the NFL.  Stay tuned, Browns fans.

Where We Go from Here?

The Browns are staring down the barrel of a defeated season with the coach stating that they have to play perfectly to win a game.  Other than that, all is well in Browns town.  I don’t know what the team is planning on doing for the rest of the season or this offseason, but I would just love to witness several wins (more than two is probably asking too much).  Avoiding an 0-16 season would be ideal.

Conclusion:  I’m not going to lie, these past three and a half seasons have taken a toll on me as a Browns’ fan and blogger.  They used to play poor football and would still win a few games – making those Sundays enjoyable.  Now, it’s sheer misery each and every week with this team.  I try not to pile on (like everyone else), but they are making it extremely difficult.  When will things finally improve?


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Browns Finally Catching a Break

Browns Finally Catching a Break

NFL Finally got One Right

The league finally handed down their punishment on the Browns’ General Manager this week.  In the end, the team was docked $250,000 and Ray Farmer will be suspended for four games next fall.  Surprisingly, the team will not lose any draft picks as a result – something that was speculated to occur from some media members.  More surprisingly, I actually agree with the league’s decision on something.  Let’s delve into who why this matter was handled properly by the NFL.

Untouched Draft Board

It was the correct move not to hurt the team during draft weekend. Granted, texting down on the field during games is not a wise decision – but it did not give the Browns any sort of advantage over their opponent.  In fact, you could argue it hurt the team – causing infighting, hurt feelings, and the departure of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan (allegedly).  Hopefully what comes from this is that the
general manager makes the most of the team’s ten selections in a few weeks.

Hefty Fine

This should not be a shock to anyone, seeing that the team will forfeit a quarter of a million dollars.  While the only one hurt, monetarily at least, is Jimmy Haslam – you can bet that this will be in the back of his mind should Ray Farm make a poor decision regarding personnel.  I am hoping that in a few years the Browns are an
excellent franchise with many All-Pros and this fine is water under the bridge.  We are pretty far from that being a reality, however.

Four Weeks of Vacation

Another aspect of this ruling is that Farmer will be cut off from all team contact during the first four games of the 2015 regular season. Therefore, not only is he expected to draft exceptionally well but he must also have his “ducks in a row” once the exhibition season ends. The Browns’ final roster heading into the 2015 campaign will likely not be tinkered with for at least one month.  They cannot afford
injuries, and Farmer might want to tell Bill Kuharich and his scouts about a few athletes he has his eyes on (provided they are released during the suspension).

Conclusion:  Many Browns’ fans should feel relieved that their favorite team did not foolishly surrender any selections during the upcoming draft.  Although, the franchise’s general manager will have many eyes focused squarely on his moves this upcoming offseason.  Like many signal callers that have donned the orange and brown in the past decade and a half, the guy in charge might be on a “short leash”.  The franchise is more than due for a guy in that scenario to actually become successful at his job.


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Browns are in the Crosshairs Again

Browns are in the Crosshairs Again

Here We Go Again – The League’s Punching Bag

Once again, the time of the year has come where national pundits (mostly Jason LaCanfora) target the Cleveland Browns and point them out as to how horrible everyone in that franchise is. Let’s review what this big shot said, and why everyone hired by the team should resign and the team should move altogether.

Alec Scheiner Watched Game Film

God no! The President of the team is watching film with the General Manager – he should be fired! All joking aside, I could not care less whether Alec Scheiner is watching film on Monday mornings. Maybe he is interested in that, and wants to be a part of the film study. However, this is horrendous according to LaCanfora – and those in non-football roles are not allowed to consider acquiring knowledge about the game in any fashion.

Jimmy Haslam is Very Meddlesome

According to LaCanfora, Haslam is a cruel boss who wants to fire everyone every day. People have to agree with each of his decisions at all times – otherwise they will be let go. It’s been reported that he has had his hands in football decisions, and I feel that he has a ways to go until to becoming a great owner. That said, I feel he can continue to improve over time. Maybe LaCanfora wants Randy Lerner still owning the team? How’d that work out? One winning season that he stumbled into? Seven wins are already the second-most victories in a season that Lerner would have had.

Kyle Shanahan is the Modern-Day Bill Walsh

The Browns must be kicking themselves that Kyle Shanahan wanted out of his contract. He had a good year running the zone read with Robert Griffin III in 2012, until defenses game planned for it. Other than that, he’s Mike Shanahan’s son. However, that doesn’t fit into LaCanfora’s agenda – so let’s build up Shanahan as the best coach within the organization. That is the easiest way to hammer the Browns’ organization even more, which is unfounded.

The Environment is Toxic and Everyone Wants to Leave 

This is laughable; if this is actually the case – why hasn’t everyone left then? Why is John DeFilippo joining a staff where everyone wants out?  Let’s dismiss the fact that there are eleven teams with a worse record than the Browns in 2013 (some have been perennial losers as well) – and focus entirely on those in Berea.

Conclusion: Are the Browns a perfect franchise? Of course not, I’ll admit they have their issues. But what is LaCanfora attempting to gain with his article? Does he want the team to leave again? Does he have an agenda against Haslam and his franchise? It seems like he’s just picking on them at this point, and it’s frankly just sad. I’m looking forward to real news for the Cleveland Browns this offseason.

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