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Very Important Coaching Decision

Very Important Coaching Decision

A Cap on the 2018 Cleveland Browns’ Season

The finale did not go the way the Browns were hoping for, but the narrow defeat to the Ravens was not the end of the world for a few reasons.  First, the Browns showed they can compete with one of the better teams in the league.  They also displayed a toughness on the field and an ability to fight back in contests.  Baker Mayfield broke the rookie passing touchdown record in the process (with twenty-seven scores).  Keeping the Steelers out of the playoffs was also a side effect that did not bother me.  Now that the 2018 campaign is finalized, there are big questions for the front office.

Tough Call for Dorsey

A full time head coach awaits the 2019 Cleveland Browns; making that decision is general manager John Dorsey.  Will he keep it in house with Gregg Williams or Freddie Kitchens?  Could he go for a recently fired head coach (like Mike McCarthy)?  Or will the Browns’ executive go the route of hiring a current assistant?  One thing is certain – there is little to no point to trust or believe reports that person X is the front runner (at least right now). Let’s not forget the erroneous Condolezza Rice report – as someone was falsely spreading information as fact.  If the 2018 NFL Draft is any indication, the Browns are not telling their true plans and all will find out after Dorsey makes his decision.

I am leaning towards an offensive-minded head coach – who can not only be a leader of men but can run his own system with Baker Mayfield and the other ten guys.  Many are saying that Freddie Kitchens is a few years away from being a head coach, which might be the case but his rise within the organization cannot be overlooked.  Everyone points to the Sean McVey hiring by the Rams as the example that a young coach who can succeed.  However, the flip side would be Josh McDaniels’ underperforming time with the Broncos several years ago.

Looking at two other offensive coaching options (Nick Sirianni and Kevin Stefanski) – I’m not sure they would be an upgrade over Kitchens.  Finally, Mike Munchak is getting an opportunity – following stints with the Titans and the Steelers.  While he has had experience, I don’t know if he can lead a team to the promised land.  There are obviously options with defensive coordinators and special teams coaches; but that’s not the route I am hoping the team goes.

Conclusion:  At this time, I am content with the Browns keeping with Williams or Kitchens as the other candidates don’t really seem like upgrades.  Perhaps there will be an under the radar candidate who is better than status quo, which would also be welcomed.  Unfortunately, I cannot provide any good examples at this point (and there might not be any).  At the end of the day, John Dorsey has earned goodwill with this past offseason and I expect a solid coaching hire.


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Here’s to Hoping – The Cleveland Browns

Here’s to Hoping – The Cleveland Browns

Five Reasons Why Browns Fans Can Have Hope

The Seattle Seahawks are now the reigning Super Bowl Champions – it’s not common that the titleholder directly affects multiple franchises.  However, the Browns are attempting to duplicate that team’s formula from the top down.  The Seahawks recent turnaround should give those in northeast Ohio confidence (assuming the front office does things the correct way) for several reasons. Read the rest of this entry »

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Coach Mike Pettine – First Impressions

Coach Mike Pettine – First Impressions

Initial Thoughts on Mike Pettine Hire:

After nearly four weeks without a head coach, the Cleveland Browns finally inked former Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine as their new leader.  There has been an ample amount of negativity surrounding the hiring process (which is warranted, based on the franchise’s recent history) – here are a few things I noticed about the newest head coach. Read the rest of this entry »

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