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Cleveland is Titletown – Meaning for the Browns

Cleveland is Titletown – Meaning for the Browns

I Got that Championship Feeling

I understand this is a Cleveland Browns’ blog, but I am going to touch on another subject for this week’s post.  The Cleveland Cavaliers did what many (including myself at many points) thought they would not be able to do – win the NBA Championship.  It was monumental for the city and was a warm, joyful, incredible feeling that many possessed while walking down the streets.  One could feel the tension, frustration, and anger (of the past fifty-two years) simply melt away immediately. So Cleveland, where do we go from here?

Under Pressure

They say the first one is often the hardest – that could not have been any truer for the wine and gold this year.  All the scrutiny, all the bashing by media (national and local alike), and hearing daily talk about the greatness of the Golden State Warriors had to be maddening. Follow that up with an incredible run through the Eastern Conference, only to be told you had no business playing the champs in a series. This was a bunch of overcomers and truly epitomized Cleveland.

That said, the pressure to deliver a title to the city is all but gone (but we will still gladly accept multiple championships).  Thus, the Indians and Browns (and the Cavs again) will not be mocked nationally for not getting it done.  Losing in dramatic fashion will not come with “a name”.  Playing loose in sports is vital to success, the Cavs performed that way and it showed.  Not saying that this will ultimately lead to multiple titles – but I expect improved play by the other two franchises.

Positive Thinking

It’s been a part of us all, but it is finally time to shed the negativity each and every time it’s available.  The worst will not always happen.  People will not jinx this or that.  The team will not always find a way to lose.  I have never been more positive about a
Cleveland team than I was heading into game seven.  It was a different feeling, but it was genuine and I anticipate this to continue watching Cleveland teams.  I hope the exorcism of other fans’ psyche occurs as well.  The fact that the stupid jersey with all the quarterbacks’ names on it since 1999 will be retired should help with this positive mentality.

Conclusion:  The curse is broken, the streak is over, and Cleveland is king.  I love the city, the fans, the teams and everything else associated with northeast Ohio.  That parade was an incredible display of overall awesomeness by the city. There have been a lot of positive articles over the past few months about Hue Jackson and the Cleveland Browns.  It is time to take steps forward and fall in line with this city.




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Breakdown of Believeland

Breakdown of Believeland

Believeland Review

Cleveland finally got their airtime a week ago, as ESPN continued its series known as 30 for 30. It chronicled the city’s rise and fall in the past fifty two years or so, as well as the performance (or lack thereof) by its professional sports franchises. I came away with three main points after sitting down and watching this film.

Feeling for Earnest Byner 

The seminal moment for the program was around the 1987 AFC Championship Game and the fumble that prevented the Browns an opportunity to win over the Broncos. This was by running back Earnest Byner, who appeared as a man who is remorseful and still not over his mistake. I speak for all Browns’ fans when I say – Ernest gave 100% effort each and every play. It sucks what happened, but it’s just a game (nearly thirty years ago) and one play should not define a career (nor a man). Clearly, a championship will help erase the negative feelings – but he should not be the face of “not getting it done”.

No Change for Modell

David Modell, the son of the deceased former owner of the Browns, appeared on the program. And as expected – he came across as an ignorant moron. The man said we did not “lose the team” but it was more of a “pause without a team”. Obviously, the ill-informed guy is forgetting the coaches (like Bill Belichick), players, and executives (like Ozzie Newsome) who went to new places and found success elsewhere. Clearly the likes of Chris Palmer, Dwight Clark, and Carmen Policy are the same as the guys they replaced. And the long, sustained success of the past seventeen years is apparent – right David?

Exercised the Demons? 

I really hope this document got everything bad that happened (in the past fifty years plus) out in the open and is part of the healing process for fans, players, and management alike. I obviously forgive Ernest Byner, heck I’ll even forgive LeBron James for his decision. The last part of the story is to get that title and collectively move forward. I would not be surprised if Believeland is the beginning of good things to come for this sports town. 

Conclusion: I really enjoyed watching the film from ESPN last week. Sure it had its high and low points – but it was accurate and emotional. Outsiders should understand where Cleveland fans are coming from (and if not, I frankly don’t care). Meanwhile, the raw emotions from former athletes and fans alike – makes you feel more of a tight-knit group as a supporter of the Cavs, Indians, and Browns. Good things are on their way, and sooner than some might expect.


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