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Breaking News! Regarding IntentionalHounding

Expanding within the Blogosphere – Joining

I just wanted to update my readers in regards to my whereabouts online when it comes to covering the Cleveland Browns.  After just two years after the creation of, I have been selected as a blog writer at!  My username is edubs1983; feel free to visit that site (tell your family and friends) and read my articles – if you want to enjoy, argue, debate the contents surrounding the franchise.

I appreciate everyone who has taken time out of his or her day to visit this site and read my blogs.  I will still maintain this current site and post my regular blogs, however the site’s twitter account (@intentionhound) might have more activity with posts.

Thank you to all of those who follow the Cleveland Browns the way I do and read the posts on IntentionalHounding.  I am very excited with this new chapter in my writing career and look forward to communicating with you in another outlet!

Much appreciated and Go Browns!

Eric Saunier


Posted by on January 11, 2014 in Set Up