Another Loss

21 Nov
Another Loss

Browns Lose Again

It was painful to watch and hard to stomach, but the Browns got destroyed by another mediocre team yesterday.  I don’t have a lot more to add other than:

Calling it on Kessler – I am now ready to proclaim that Cody Kessler is not the guy going forward.  That was evident as he took sacks and couldn’t hit targets consistently.

Draft a New Line – The Browns’ offensive line looked just as bad as ever, as they surrendered eight sacks.  The team must put a high priority on upgrading here, starting with the replacement of Cam Erving.

Defense Not Working – The Browns couldn’t put any pressure on big Ben.  However, they also couldn’t stop the run or the pass either.  I hope it’s just the coach but it appears that the players aren’t too good either.

Conclusion:  Just five more games left in this putrid season.  I am looking forward to the holiday this week and can forget about the orange and brown for a few days.

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