What’s in Store for the Browns

16 Nov
What’s in Store for the Browns

A Snowball’s Chance?

The winless Browns face the Steelers at home on Sunday, and the question remains – will this be the week? Can the orange and brown finally break into the victory column and get that elusive monkey off of their back. It won’t be easy, but if they play perfectly, catch a couple breaks, and focus on a few key points (listed below) perhaps they can pull it off.

#1 – Take Some Shots

Coach Jackson wanted Cody Kessler to attempt deeper passes last week, outside of one touchdown throw to Seth DeValve – that was not the case. The end result was a benching for Josh McCown who is prone to turnovers. I hope that the rookie has learned his lesson and goes for the gusto on Sunday afternoon. He can obviously get intercepted, but this league is built on taking chances (just look at Eli Manning as an example).

#2 – Linebackers are Key

Jamie Colllins had a terrific first half in last week’s contest, as well as Chris Kirksey and Demario Davis. The Browns must get the most from their linebackers if they want a shot in this contest. It does not matter whether it is rushing the quarterback or filling holes to stop the run – if the linebacking unit can be in the right place at the right time, perhaps they can disrupt big Ben just enough.

#3 – Don’t Embarrass Themselves 

This might be an apt headline for the Cleveland Browns. Too many times have they fallen behind quickly to the yellow and black and were never able to recover. The end result was a physical domination – add to the fact that there will be hundreds (or thousands) of yellow towels in the stadium and this can be a pathetic display. The Browns simply needs to play their opponent tough and make a game of it. 

#4 – Pray for a Miracle 

The most likely scenario of the bunch is that the Browns have no hope and have to rely on divine intervention for have any sort of opportunity to win. Getting to the quarterback (and sacking him) and being extremely protective of the football is one way to defeat this foe; but that is easier said than done. 

Conclusion: I predict this game being extremely lopsided, with the Browns getting the short end of the stick. The misery will once again continue for the orange and brown, and I see little hope for the next few games.

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