New Coach? Bad Post. Latest from the Browns

15 Jul
New Coach?  Bad Post.  Latest from the Browns

Latest Browns News and Notes

After an extremely quiet and positive offseason, the Browns went back into the negative light in a big way this week.  There has been tension, anger, and hatred that has gone on in the past two weeks (relating to the recent shootings) – however continuing to perpetuate this solves nothing.  Meanwhile, it appears that a former rival wants to join the Browns in a different capacity this season.

Ocho Cinco’s Arrival

He was never my favorite player in the NFL, but I will admit that he sure is entertaining.  Chad Johnson will be on the field for the Cleveland Browns’ 2016 training camp – as he is a huge fan of head coach Hue Jackson.  I would like to believe that Johnson could help the wide outs more with route running and getting separation than touchdown celebrations.  This should be viewed as a wise move by the orange and brown, as more knowledge to be given to these athletes the better.  However, the Browns have miles to go until they are one of the best wide receiving corps.  Perhaps this rookie class will help expedite this improvement.

Crow’s Photo

News has traveled far and wide about the Instagram photo that Isaiah Crowell posted last Wednesday; this occurred after the killing of the two young men by police officers and prior to the killings (of police) in Dallas two days later.  Crowell’s decision to post a policeman being slashed was in extremely poor taste and there are many within the organization who are unsure of what to do next.  Should the athlete be released, suspended, or will a few apologies and speaking out (to make amends) do the trick?

I wish I had an easy answer for this, but it is not that simple. Everyone who comes across this story is looking at it from a different situation and will therefore react accordingly.  Personally, this reaction from the media reminds me of the Riley Cooper outburst a few years ago (granted the two situations are completely different).  In the end, today’s society can forgive but they will not soon forget. Crowell will likely remain on the team this year and could get pushed out the door by 2017.

Conclusion:  The on-the-field discussions are just around the corner. In the meantime we hear the best and the worst about the team prior to them taking the field.  In one instance, the team can be galvanized by the addition of a fun-loving former athlete.  On the other hand, one player’s actions could divide a locker room and continue to drive a horrific situation.

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