The Latest about the Browns – Offseason Edition

10 Jun
The Latest about the Browns – Offseason Edition

Time Before Training Camp

In the throes of the NBA Finals (of which I have little confidence in our Cavs, unfortunately) – the NFL season is coming to a slow time before training camp commences in July. Below is a compilation that has occurred, including an outlook for an underperforming athlete, some goodwill for the orange and brown, and the countdown is on for the season.

Gilbert Given Another Shot

It appears what happened in the past will remain right there – as this coaching staff is all about moving forward with Justin Gilbert. His attitude issues are well documented (and something Gilbert did not want to discuss with the media) – but hopefully the positivity surrounding Hue Jackson and company will lead to a better outlook for the cornerback. Gilbert has the talent and traits to be at least a role player in this defense, but has come to nowhere near his potential. I like the odds of this regime doing something that their predecessors could not – getting production from this first round pick. All said, a shorter leash should be given this training camp should the “old” Gilbert resurface.  At that point, it might be time to relieve him of his duties.

Community Work

The publicity surrounding the orange and brown getting around northeast Ohio and helping others are increasing greatly. Whether it’s improving the assets inside high schools, football facilities, or apparel – players with the Browns doing tremendous work to improve the community. I greatly commend what this front office has preached and the fact the team has followed through. At the end of the day, they might not always be winners in the fall but they are still making northeast Ohio a better place for today’s youth.

Century Mark

Well, we are under 100 days until the Cleveland Browns head to Philadelphia to face the Eagles in the regular season opener. It seems just like yesterday when Jimmy Haslam called a press conference to let everyone know he was blowing things up again. The Browns have a great deal of work in this time frame to go from a perceived “bottom feeder” in the league to a respectable one. Young guys and inexperienced ones must step up and perform when given an opportunity this year. I’m still envisioning a bump in their win total (from 2015) by a few games; however training camp and the preseason could be very telling.

Conclusion: I understand that this the time of year has many positive articles about NFL players – some of which do not come to fruition a few months later. Thus, I am taking the Gilbert news with a grain of salt and he still must prove doubters wrong. I am ready for the hiatus to be complete, but I will have to wait for over a month like everyone else.

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