What the Trade Means

20 Apr
What the Trade Means

Rams and Titans Trade:  What Does it Mean for the Browns?

In case you haven’t heard (or have been living under a rock), but the Los Angeles Rams traded up from the fifteenth pick to the top selection in the 2016 NFL Draft.  This will have a huge ripple effect on the entire draft weekend, but (let’s face it) we only care about the orange and brown.  Speaking of which, the Browns have the second pick (at this point).  What should they do now?  Below are a few options.

Draft Wentz

I’m under the assumption that the Rams will take quarterback Jared Goff.  What’s the next best thing to do?  Well, if the Browns believe that Carson Wentz is a franchise quarterback as well – he is a worthy consolation prize from the other top signal caller.  The tangibles are there, the question then becomes can Hue Jackson take the athlete from a solid quarterback hailing from a small college to a franchise changer?

Trade Down

This appears to be the prevailing opinion for many fans of the Cleveland Browns.  They saw the haul that the Titans scooped up, and want their team to secure a handful of picks as well.  Trading down could net a star wideout, a reliable pass rusher, a replacement for Mitch Schwartz, and a quarterback.  The only scenario I could see this occurring is if the analytics justify this type of move.  Otherwise this should still remain a rumor.

Draft a Non-Quarterback

I am extremely opposed to this possible outcome.  Are Jalen Ramsey, Deforest Buckner, Joey Bosa, or Laremy Tunsil great football players?  Absolutely, but they cannot transcend a game the way a franchise quarterback can.  A team that has an established signal caller needs these players more than the Browns do.  Can the orange and brown use a phenomenal athlete?  You better believe it, but that’s not what Hue Jackson is building.

Conclusion:  The trade by the Rams to the number one selection appears to put the Browns in a spot to do one of two things.  First is that is draft Carson Wentz, assuming the team feels he is a franchise quarterback and is not taken with the first overall choice.  Secondly, the team could trade down and acquire additional assets to help boost the rebuild.  The new front office just saw their first curveball come their way; will they handle it well or pull a Pedro Cerrano?

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