The Scuttlebutt Before the Draft

15 Apr
The Scuttlebutt Before the Draft

Latest Browns Chatter

We are just under two more weeks until the NFL Draft weekend begins in Chicago. Excitement continues throughout the league and enthusiasm is in the air for all teams and fans alike. I hope the Browns’ front office has their game plan in place (and more importantly their contingencies). I’ve said it once and I’ll say it until the draft kicks off – I’m fine with the team kicking out the veterans who have played poorly last year. However, they MUST hit on their replacements in the pending draft. Outside of this obvious statement, let’s see other news surrounding the Browns.

New Leaders for the Team

There has been turnover from the veteran athletes who will be donning the orange and brown, but will they be upgrades from the guys they replaced? The debate comes down to whether Demario Davis and Rahim Moore could be the veterans that Donte Whitner and Dwayne Bowe were not. I would like to be positive regarding this; however this type of thinking is very uncommon for the Browns and their history in free agency. In addition to good pick ups, the team still needs a solid quarterback, great coaching, as well as a couple of breaks to go their way. I’d like to think that these guys would be solid finds by this front office (we’ll see what happens from there).

Trading Down Talk

The rumors continue to swirl regarding the Browns passing down an earlier pick for more choices and additional opportunities. I remain in the camp that if the Browns do in fact trade down, they do it with at the thirty-second pick (as opposed to the second overall choice). The team must get their signal caller at the second spot. I am positive that they will not be this high in drafting for quite some time (provided they choose a quarterback), so they must get the best signal caller the draft has to offer. Meanwhile, the thirty-second choice has a ton to offer and could result in a tremendous opportunity. Gaining additional second or third round selections could be what the doctor ordered for this team.

Conclusion: The quiet times and anticipation continues prior to the NFL Draft. The Browns introduced several new veterans (including Griffin) – they look to actually hit on a few of these decisions. Meanwhile, the analytics continue to come out that trading down and acquiring additional selections is a wise move. However, I could possibly be on board for this in the second round and beyond (they need a quarterback, in case you didn’t watch them last year). Getting the best value and getting the picks right is what the draft comes down to.

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