Latest Happenings for the Cleveland Browns

25 Mar
Latest Happenings for the Cleveland Browns

Browns’ Offseason Notes

The news surrounding the NFL and Cleveland Browns is ever evolving and continues to emerge over the entire calendar year. Despite the lack of on-the-field action by the orange and brown, there continues to be two talking points about the franchise this time of year. The first is a deadline for spectators, while the second is another milestone for the 2016 draft.

Season Tickets

Last week included the final day for Cleveland Browns’ fans to determine whether they wanted to purchase season tickets for the 2016 season. Along those lines, multiple stories are arising of fed up fans that are no longer renewing. The expenses of parking, tailgating, game ticket, and amenities are extremely difficult to justify for several Clevelanders (and surrounding areas). Many don’t believe the Browns will be Super Bowl contenders next campaign; but routine defeats are arduous to sit through. Nonetheless, I give season ticket holders all my respect – it’s a badge of honor I only had once (in 2014).

Jared Goff’s Pro Day

The California quarterback was on display in Berkeley, in front of many NFL front offices and executives. He was lauded for doing a solid job – nothing great and not terribly disappointing either. His “small” hands even grew by an eighth of an inch! I am glad it was not completely hyped like one guy’s Pro Day happened earlier (Texas A&M in 2014). He did not have to hit it out of the park, but it was calming seeing Goff excel in the tasks that he was asked to accomplish. Hue Jackson and Pep Hamilton were notably present at his Pro Day. The latter was spotted soaking a football with water and asking the quarterback to continue the throwing drill. This is a obvious sign that he has a sense of interest and is curious to see how he performs in adverse situations. Again, he is my top choice at number two – hopefully Hue Jackson, Sashi Brown, and company agrees with me.

Conclusion: It has definitely become a “wait and see” approach for this team’s fan base. Prior to the upcoming draft, many pundits are anticipating doom and gloom (and rightly so). The futility of last year’s three wins is something that the 2016 club aspires to achieve ought to temper expectation. But that also limits excitement and enthusiasm by Browns’ fans as well. Perhaps an exceptional draft will help change some minds in the coming months, but that type of action has eluded the franchise for many years.


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