Possible Ramifications from the Super Bowl to the Browns

19 Feb
Possible Ramifications from the Super Bowl to the Browns

Did Super Bowl Change Browns’ Philosophy?

Everyone knows, by and large, that the NFL is an offense-based league that focuses squarely on the guy under centers.  However after witnessing the biggest game of the season, which was recently completed – some could wonder whether that is still the case.  Can the Browns build a winner as many have done in the league, or is there another way to go?

Discussion for Quarterbacks:  Looking at the Super Bowl from a year ago (and many others in history), teams like the Patriots continue to thrive in the league.  Having a franchise quarterback is vital for success and can turn the tables in tight contests.  Personally, I want the Browns to have the best signal caller possible – and to keep trying to find that guy each and every season.  The final four quarterbacks in this year’s postseason were Tom Brady and three first overall draft selections.

Therefore it only makes sense that they choose the top quarterback with the second overall pick.  The Browns can obtain excellent pass rushers, linebackers, as well as secondary members throughout the draft (provided the team actually chooses the right guys).

Reason for a Defense:  Let me start by saying that this point does not include having a less-than-average signal caller with the franchise. Sure the quarterback might not be a Hall of Famer or even exceptional, however the team would require at least a game manager and one who can make the most of his opportunities.  It’s not easy, but if the Browns’ defense can be the best in the league (in terms of yards and points allowed) – then they will be in line for a championship.

The problem with building franchises this way is that there are so many more moving parts involved than just the quarterback.  I
understand that finding great defenders is easier than a franchise signal caller – but the Browns would have to hit on many choices via the draft and free agency.  Also, they would need to drastically change the poor defensive culture and mindset.

Conclusion:  While Russell Wilson has been a good story of past seasons, and a thirty-nine year old Peyton Manning won a title with a fantastic defense – it is not time to over-think things.  The Cleveland Browns need to find their guy under center for years to come and surround him with talented playmakers.  This not only includes wide outs, but also defenders that can give the ball back to the offense.  Creating a new culture where the Browns are tenacious and believe they can win every single game would go a long way as well.

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