Out with the Old…

12 Feb
Out with the Old…

Closing the Book on another Horrible Draft Pick

Two seasons after the Cleveland Browns erroneously chose Johnny Manziel in the first round of the NFL Draft, the Browns are set to jettison the embattled signal caller.  Sashi Brown made the team’s feelings clear – stating they had no further comments about the player at this time and that his status will be addressed when league rules permit it.  Obviously if they were still planning on holding on to the athlete, surely they would have mentioned that.  The Former Texas A&M standout looked to take the league by storm – unfortunately (for him and his followers) he could not do anything right, on or off the field. Without diving too deep, I take a quick look back and a sneak peak forward into the quarterback possibilities for the Browns.

Wanted Teddy

In the 2014 NFL Draft, I was pulling for the Browns to choose Teddy Bridgewater as their next guy under center.  However that was not the case and the Browns took a guy who was overrated and undersized instead.  Will Teddy be the franchise savior for the Minnesota Vikings?  I would argue against that at this point, but he is in an advantageous situation where he can lead his team to wins despite low passing totals.  Therefore, I’m no longer looking back and am content at the 2016 NFL Draft.

Want Jared

It’s no secret that I hope that the brain trust of the team shapes up and secures the quarterback who not only has his head on his shoulders, but also can perform consistently at an excellent level.  I will go in depth further about options with the second overall pick, but for now I would like to see Jared Goff chosen with their first draft choice.  The team has faltered taking any quarterback from the late first round on, and had moderate success with Tim Couch.  Worst-case scenario is that they get a repeat of this if they take Goff at number two.

Conclusion:  While the gray cloud has not officially been lifted off the collective heads of the Cleveland pro football franchise, many are excited and content that the ridding of the wasted (pun intended) is all but a formality now (when the league year begins in March). Glaring mistakes like this cannot be made by the new regime; perhaps Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta, and company will make bright moves draft weekend and beyond.

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