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Browns Preview of Game #11 – Vs. the Ravens

Browns Preview of Game #11 – Vs. the Ravens

Previewing Game #11 – Ravens @ Browns

Well it’s time for the Cleveland Browns to finally hit the field on Monday night. They are going to be on national television for the second (and final) time in 2015, hopefully the team can garner a victory here. Tickets to this event were aplenty, and demand has not been high to watch the two struggling AFC North franchises. Let’s take a look at what is in store.


Quarterback – I will be intrigued to see how Josh McCown performs after getting back his starting role. He is a tremendous leader and teammate – and someone that young quarterbacks should look up to.  I expect once again for the signal caller to have some success in this contest, but not as much as he did earlier this year in Baltimore.

Running Back – Seriously, the Browns have not had a rusher go for over seventy-five yards all season long? This is flat out awful and embarrassing, and the Browns need to curb this streak. I would actually like to see Duke Johnson get a majority of touches, including carries between the tackles. He has been avoided in almost every contest after halftime (providing ample frustration to running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery); why not buck this on Monday night? 

Wide Receiver – At this point, Travis Benjamin appears to be the only wide out that will remain with this team in 2016 (and that’s not even set in stone). The lack of size that Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel possess is glaring, and each has suffered injuries in the past few weeks during crossing routes. I had high hopes for Brian Hartline coming into the campaign, however the veteran has only been productive in spurts. Frankly, this part of the team has its work cut out for them and I do not see tremendous output by the receivers. 

Tight End – Can E.J. Bibbs please get involved in this week’s game plan? I have been clamoring for the undrafted rookie all season long, and with the team going in the tank they should use this time to see whether Bibbs can remain on the roster next season. Gary Barnidge should still be the focus of several passing attempts, but perhaps coverage could be shifted away from the dynamic tight end, as there is another guy on the field who can catch and run.

Offensive Line – I really do not know what to make of the guys upfront, and more importantly how to fix their issues. The Browns cannot afford to rely strictly on their passing attack in order to gain yards and points. I anticipate that this part of the Browns will struggle yet again – causing further frustration by the coaching staff and fans alike.


Defensive Line – Speaking of improvement, it would be fantastic if the Browns can take what they did in their last contest and carry it over this game (and for the rest of the campaign). Limiting opposing rushers to fewer than one hundred yards is crucial, and accomplishing this feat is a mindset that is not with the Browns’ defensive line. I believe they are working towards this, but the youngsters need to step up and improve where the veterans have not been able to excel. 

Linebacker – At this point, the Browns should just line two guys up at outside linebacker and have a competition to see who can get to the quarterback. For one reason or another, the team has not had a reliable edge rusher and it has led to several exceptional passing totals by opposing signal callers. Nate Orchard is a rookie I hope they give many shots at rushing the quarterback. There’s not a ton that can change for the inside linebackers – the trio remains to be adequate on the field.

Secondary – It would be a good thing if Joe Haden returns from his second concussion and participates in this contest. Pierre Desir and Charles Gaines have struggled in coverage, but the insertion of Haden into the lineup should relieve this duo of difficult responsibilities. K’Waun Williams has been praised by this coaching staff for his consistency and reliability. Maybe he could surge ahead of Tramon Williams for playing time? I hope Ibraheim Campbell teams up with Tashaun Gipson at the safety spots; this might be the new tandem next year, so continuity should begin now.

Special Teams: It was a game-winning field goal that was the clincher for the Browns during the last meeting. I could see Travis Coons nailing a few kicks, but they might not seal a victory. Andy Lee must get back to the basics and drill long punts in this game; he is expected to be very active in this game.

Coaching: I don’t know what to say for the coaches on either side of the ball. John DeFilippo must utilize his rushing attack early and often; I know this is obvious but it still needs to happen. Defensively, my expectations are very low but maybe embarrassing and humiliating the personnel (in private) can fire up the Browns to play inspired football. 

Prediction (My Record: 6 – 4): I expect the Ravens to get out to an early lead and unlike the last meeting; the Browns will not be able to come back. The Ravens will pull out a 27 – 16 win over the Browns, leading the way to more disappointment along the shores of Lake Erie.

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The Goings on During the Bye Week – Cleveland Browns

The Goings on During the Bye Week – Cleveland Browns

Browns on the Bye Week

Well, it’s that time of the year again, the week that occurs in the fall when the Cleveland Browns are not permitted to play. They frankly needed it and I am looking forward to the time off, relaxing, and not being frustrated. However, the team did make some news these past few days.

Johnny Manziel has been given the opportunity to play the rest of the 2015 season; I do not know how this will impact the team’s ability to win games, but I want to see if he can continue his improvement that began last week. From the Bengals to the Steelers game, Manziel looked much more comfortable in the pocket and made plays as a result. The key for him is (obviously) finding the end zone on a consistent basis.

Realistically, the team should have a good chance to win at least two of their final six match-ups. However, currently holding the worst record in the NFL would pave the way for the number one draft pick overall next April. Thus I understand why fans would prefer the team to lose the remainder of their games.

The tough decision will be whether to take a signal caller (like Paxton Lynch or Jared Goff) or a position player (i.e. Joey Bosa). The next general manager could make that decision, provided Ray Farmer no longer be employed by the Browns.

Long story short, there are still many decisions to be made for next year – even with this awful showing by the Browns. I will be ready to see how the season finishes up, after this short time off.

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Did the Browns win? Oh….

Did the Browns win? Oh….

A Look Back at Game #10 – Browns @ Steelers 

Well, did anyone think the Browns would win once Big Ben returned in this contest? I surely did not and apparently neither did the Browns – the final score bore that out. It was another sloppy, embarrassing, and awful performance for the orange and brown. Let’s review the poor outing at Heinz Field. 


Quarterback – On the positive side, Johnny Manziel tossed for over three hundred yards and was only hampered by a few drops of his teammates. He should have had at least three touchdowns in this matchup, but mistakes erased two opportunities. It appeared that there was a bit of improvement by the signal caller – I would like to see what he could do after the bye.

Running Back – The running attack of Duke Johnson and Isaiah Crowell was non-existent, but what else is new. At least the Browns had the foresight to get away from this part of their offense and tried to move the ball though the air. I would have like to have seen Duke Johnson more involved in the passing game, but that was not the case.

Wide Receiver – Travis Benjamin and Brian Hartline each made a few grabs in this matchup but that was far from enough for the Cleveland Browns. It’s obvious that the team needs another guy to take some pressure off both the quarterback and other wide outs – but they strayed away from good receivers in the draft. Outside of some long tosses, the team cannot expect to move the ball to their receivers (at this point).

Tight End – Gary Barnidge found the end zone and was solid in this contest, once again the rest of the offense did not follow suit. I am sorry to see that he was the only guy (yet again) who could actually produce for this offense, but that was the way this matchup went. E.J. Bibbs was not good enough to play in this matchup, and my personal frustration mounts. 

Offensive Line – I suppose the offensive line played better than they have in other games, but they still displayed ample deficiencies. The pass rush was on display consistently, as well as the run game not working. I would attribute most of this to the play of Mitchell Schwartz – as he had issues walling off defenders all game long. Cameron Erving was not terrible filling in at right guard, but he simply committed stupid penalties.


Defensive Line – I guess the defense did not allow over one hundred yards to an opposing rusher in this game. However, they did not do anything else right for the Cleveland Browns. No one did anything good in this contest, whether it was a nose tackle or either of the defensive ends. I am sick thinking about this unit, but they are still bad and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll see what happens next contest.

Linebacker – I guess Chis Kirksey was nice a few times in coverage and Paul Kruger made some tackles, but other than that the linebackers were far from good in this matchup. They could not cover anyone or tackle in open field – but other than that they were reliable. This is another area where the Browns need to upgrade in the offseason, but that will not occur in a few months. 

Secondary – Pathetic, awful, terrible – the Browns’ secondary was not good at all in this game. Charles Gaines forced a fumble after surrendering a long completion. The team made Antonio Brown look like Jerry Rice in this matchup, they could not cover the wide out at all and it was simply bad. Using all of these resources in the secondary is maddening, as all or most are bad at football in the NFL. 

Special Teams: This part of the game did not really matter; both teams were decent in this department and missed an extra point. There’s not a whole lot else I can say, I wish the Browns can be good enough to see a winning field goal made by Travis Coons, but that’s simply not the case.

Coaching: The team’s performance was terrible and the coaching staff did not do the team any favors. Offensively, they were conservative yet that was not good enough in this meeting. Defensively, I would have liked the front seven to be more aggressive, but they did not and it was an injured Big Ben who tore up the Browns’ secondary. Alas, another loss and it’s finally the bye.

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Browns Preview Game #10

Browns Preview Game #10

Previewing Game #10 – Browns @ Steelers

It’s a rivalry renewed on Sunday as the Browns have another tough road contest within the AFC North. Heinz Field has been cruel to the Browns, and this week should present all sorts of problems for the orange and brown. Let’s take an inside look at a few of the positions for the visiting squad. 


Quarterback – The reins must be handed over to Johnny Manziel at this point. Josh McCown has played relatively well, but the team is not winning with him. The rest of the schedule is an evaluation period for the second year pro. I believe he can continue to progress and get better . Will it be enough for the coaching staff and front office to move forward with the signal caller? I would like to find out after eight more starts from Manziel this season. Finding the end zone multiple times should be his goal in Pittsburgh.

Running Back – Can the coaching staff give an ample amount of carries to Isaiah Crowell? He had nine carries in the first half last week and only one after halftime – he needs to have at least twenty carries to be effective. Duke Johnson should get at least a handful of carries and several receptions as well. He has shown an ability to make plays and this offense sorely needs this consistency. If the team can utilize this duo to their capabilities, then there’s a shot the Browns will be in this contest. 

Wide Receiver – Will the Browns use Dwayne Bowe more as coach Pettine has mentioned? I’d like to see him on some shorter routes – as I have confidence he can haul in passes. I hope Andrew Hawkins can pass the concussion protocol, as Taylor Gabriel was less than spectacular last contest. Travis Benjamin has been a favorite target for Manziel; the coaching staff would be wise to include him regularly in the passing game. I want to see at least one touchdown from this group on Sunday.

Tight End – This should be the week where E.J. Bibbs is finally included in the team’s game plan. Gary Barnidge should come down with his usual output total and hopefully at least one touchdown. However, Bibbs could be flexed out wide and create additional matchup problems for the defense. Frankly, teams do not have any game film on him (outside of a few preseason games) – so let the rookie confuse and expose the opponent. 

Offensive Line – I felt the line finally showed some signs of improvement last week; the coaches must determine whether this can continue. The Browns should stick with the run, even if they are not having success initially. In the passing game, Manziel had some time to think in the pocket – this younger signal caller needs all the help during drop backs and the guys upfront should certainly help with this.


Defensive Line – Well, there’s no Le’Veon Bell to game plan against, as the opposing rusher is out for the season with an injury. Deangelo Williams has somewhat resurrected his career, but he has nowhere near the ability of Bell. I anticipate that he will be hitting holes primarily between the tackles. Therefore John Hughes, Jamie Meder, and Xavier Cooper should stay firm on the edge and funnel action towards the middle. It will be a tough test for Danny Shelton – but it would be nice if he can have his breakout game. 

Linebacker – On the outside, I want to see Nate Orchard continue to gobble up playing time alongside Paul Kruger. Barkevious Mingo has only displayed a moderate ability to cover and nothing else. Armonty Bryant could be inserted primarily as a rusher as well – as he has made some plays in that role thus far. On the inside, the trio has been solid but not great. I hope they can attack the line of scrimmage and limit rushing yardage for the black and yellow.

Secondary – Joe Haden needs to be healthy for this contest. The veteran’s absence has caused opposing signal callers to be playing pitch and catch against the Browns’ secondary. Justin Gilbert should see some time at cornerback as well; last contest he held his own when he was on the field. At the safety spot, Ibraheim Campbell showed physicality and was rather surprising last week. He should be stealing playing time from Donte Whitner. The bottom line for this group is to not get embarrassed by Antonio Brown.

Special Teams: Heinz Field is known for it’s poor field surface, but Travis Coons is still the best kicker on the field. A game winning kick for him would be nice but is not expected. Andy Lee must make sure that Antonio Brown does not get his hands on the ball (during punt returns) with room to run.

Coaching: I do not know what Jim O’Neil can do to improve his run defense (including clogging the middle of the field). They cannot allow Williams to have a big day, which will lead to a blowout. Offensively, the team must attack primarily with their running backs then find Barnidge and Benjamin on the second and third level.

Prediction (My Record: 5 -4): More of the same on Sunday; the Steelers prove to be too much and defeat the Browns at home by the score of 30 – 17. The 2015 season continues to worsen for the orange and brown.

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Breakdown of Browns Game #9

Breakdown of Browns Game #9

Game #9 Analysis – Browns @ Bengals

Could the tides have been turning in this contest for the Cleveland Browns? Sure, they got killed (and my astute prediction was very spot on) – but several young athletes made contributions in this contest. I would like to think about them as growing pains and expect to see improvement over the next seven contests. However, let’s review what went down last night.


Quarterback – I have to admit that I am pretty amazed at where Johnny Manziel was versus a year ago. The signal caller had pocket awareness, zip on his passes, and many of his completions were due to drops by his wide outs. I hope he gets the nod the rest of the season, and want to determine whether this game was a fluke or if Manziel really is getting better and can be a franchise quarterback someday. 

Running Back – Once again the stable of running backs could not excel in rushing the ball. Manziel and Crowell each eclipsed thirty yards, but that is not enough in the NFL (especially for a running back). In the second half, the team was down a wide margin and runs did not appear to be fruitful – so I understand why the team turned to the pass more often. Duke Johnson as a receiver continues to make sense for this team.

Wide Receiver – Dwayne Bowe finally got into game action and hauled in three passes, meanwhile Marlon Moore (a special teams ace) did an ample amount of blocking when in the slot. The drops by Taylor Gabriel were disappointing, as he is fighting for his professional career this offseason – and these types of plays surely will not help. Perhaps having Hartline and Hawkins back next game could assist the passing game for Manziel.

Tight End – Gary Barnidge made a couple nice receptions, but it was nowhere near the level of play he has been having. He missed a key third down grab when he stuck his hand out in the first half, and was unable to haul in a touchdown grab as well. E.J. Bibbs was actually active in this contest, alas he was not in the game plans to catch passes and make plays.

Offensive Line – For the first time in the season, I actually saw a Browns’ quarterback have a clean pocket. Granted, it was not on a consistent basis – but it goes to show the potential for the guys upfront. During run blocking, they still had their issues (and the Joel Bitonio injury scare did not help). For what this franchise wants to do, they need to have five guys open holes better than what they are doing. A shakeup is needed in this part of the team.


Defensive Line – The idiocy of Randy Starks amazes me; the underperforming tackle single-handedly gave the Bengals seven points. Committing dumb penalties is unacceptable by the veteran. Desmond Bryant and John Hughes each made a play or two – and Danny Shelton keeps on trying. Overall, they gave up over 150 yards on the ground, which is to be expected, sadly. This offseason will be huge to get another guy (or two) to keep trying to improve the run defense.

Linebacker – Karlos Dansby led the team in tackles, meanwhile Paul Kruger was finally able to generate a sack. The two veterans could have been much worse in this contest. I liked the play of rookie Nate Orchard, who outplayed Barkevious Mingo on the outside spot. I anticipate the team moving on from the first round bust and utilizing another draft pick to compete with Orchard and possibly Kruger.

Secondary – I understand that Joe Haden was not in this contest, but to allow Andy Dalton to complete twenty-one of twenty-seven passes is unacceptable. The secondary was very giving to their counterparts and Pierre Desir and Tramon Williams were far from spectacular at times. It was not an exceptional performance, but I hope this was Justin Gilbert’s entry into this defense. The second year player was at least decent and should be afforded an opportunity going forward.

Special Teams: Pretty much status quo for the special teams. Andy Lee had a few disappointing punts, but made up for them with a great one in the third quarter. Ultimately, this was not the reason why the team lost the contest however.

Coaching: I thought offensively this was the right game plan for both the offense and defense. Manziel was able to execute at times and did not commit a turnover in doing so. They only found the end zone once however and must improve in that department. Defensively, they forced Dalton to beat them and a depleted secondary allowed it to happen. The execution must get better, but I see what the staff was trying to accomplish.

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Browns @ Bengals Outlook – Game #9

Browns @ Bengals Outlook – Game #9

Previewing the Browns @ Bengals – Game #9

The Browns now head to the second half of their schedule, and limp (somewhat literally) into their next game with two wins and six losses.  The ending of the most previous game was riddled with injuries and mistakes – and many, me included, would rather forget about the outcome.  Now they head south to Cincinnati to play the undefeated Bengals (that hurts typing that).  I anticipate more of the same for the orange and brown – but let’s still break it down.


Quarterback – Josh McCown is bruised and battered, but still played all the way into the fourth quarter of last week’s game.  He is hoping to start, but I would bet that he would not finish the game.  That leads the way for Johnny Manziel to see some playing time (unless Pettine goes with Austin Davis).  Hopefully his debacle against the Bengals in 2014 will fuel him to a successful outing this year – it’s unlikely but there’s always a chance.  Realistically I expect more of the same from the Browns’ signal caller; a touchdown or two and a turnover or two.

Running Back – The veteran who everyone expected to steal the starting job faltered against the Cardinals.  Do the Browns go back to Robert Turbin?  Or will Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson prove to be the guys who can shoulder the load.  The frustration at the lack of a running attack has hit a new high, and I do not see this part of the team getting fixed any time soon.  Perhaps we should hope for those dump-offs to Duke Johnson and the long scampers thereafter.

Wide Receiver – Will Brian Hartline continue to be more involved in contests going forward?  Last week was a breakout performance by the veteran, but he still committed a few key drops.  I would hope that whoever is under center could get the ball to the wide out.  Travis Benjamin’s play has cooled greatly over the past few weeks – however that does not mean the team should avoid the speedster.  Perhaps he can be the reason why the offense excels on Thursday night.  I am not going to mention (by name) the high priced free agent who cannot record receptions for this team.

Tight End – Still no E.J. Bibbs for the Cleveland Browns.  Gary Barnidge went back to his productive ways (he even threw in a nice block in pass protection) last week, and I expect that to continue in Cincinnati.  Jim Dray is a solid tight end, but I want to see what the rookie can do on the field.  I wonder what will it take, clearly more than a Rob Housler injury, for the former Iowa State product to get into an NFL contest.  Who knows, maybe he can even make some plays for this offense.

Offensive Line – More of the same for the guys upfront in the run blocking; that is not meant to be a compliment.  The line has not made holes for any back this year.  It took a gimmick for Isiah Crowell to get more than one yard at a time (until the Cardinals prepared for the wildcat play).  It would be unreasonable for someone to think that this group can get their act together, but I still think they should keep Joe Thomas and Alex Mack around for the future.  Cameron Erving starting at right guard could be the shakeup that makes this group what many were expecting.


Defensive Line – The positive from last week’s game is that the team did not surrender their usual 150 yards on the ground.  However, facing Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard might be a tough task and it’s likely that the Bengals will employ their running attack throughout the contest.  Armonty and Desmond Bryant each made a few nice plays last Sunday – that type of performance will be required once again to have a shot at knocking off their undefeated rival.

Linebacker – It would look as the edge pass rushers on this team are far from excelling at their jobs.  Quarterbacks have had ample time to pick apart this team and have been doing a fine job at it.  Maybe the Browns should switch the guys on the outside with the duo on the inside to see if Chris Kirksey and Karlos Dansby can get sacks off the corner (only slightly kidding).  The defense cannot keep doing what they have been doing and expect to see a respectable pass rush.

Secondary – Several injuries are depleting this part of the roster and allowing quarterbacks to embarrass the Browns’ corners and safeties. Ibraheim Campbell, Johnson Bademosi, and Pierre Desir are just a few of the guys who have come in and played following injuries to starters.  Being reserves and special teamers, they are playing at the level that one would expect.  Why shouldn’t the coaches try Justin Gilbert at this point?  I know he could be worse that what is out there – but it can’t be that much worse.

Special Teams:  Like most games in the NFL, this part of the game will be rather even and minimal to the outcome of the contest.  There might be one vital play in this contest – via a kick or a punt return, etc., but that appears to be unlikely in this matchup.

Coaching:  I am not sure what the coaches can formulate to win this meeting.  At least the Bengals are coming off of a tense and physical game in Pittsburgh, and hopefully they are drained.  The Browns’ staff must put the players in the best spots to succeed (including not trotting out injured signal callers).  Other than that, they just need to play smart football.

Prediction (My Record:  4-4):  This one is going to sting a bit for Browns’ fans, as they will falter once again this week to the tune of 31 -13.  Everyone will be calling for coaches, the general manager, and players to evacuate this franchise immediately – oh the joy of being a Browns fan!

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Throw up Another L for the Browns

Throw up Another L for the Browns

Browns vs. Cardinals – A Look Back at Game #8

It looked very promising in the second quarter, but that halted quickly in the third period for the Cleveland Browns. It went from a 20 -7 lead from a big deficit for the home squad, and that seemed to be enough for the home team. Well, the orange and brown could not cut it at crunch time and lost the game going away. Let’s look at the misery on Sunday. 


Quarterback – Josh McCown played as best as possible, but he also made a few mistakes and was relieved of his duties. He flung three touchdowns in this contest, but he also tossed an interception at a critical spot in this contest. I would like to see that he can bounce back, but the hits and concussions can be put to the side and he can continue to compete at the professional level – but I have little to no faith in McCown (or even Manziel at this at this spot).

Running Back – I would have thought that Robert Tubin would have made the most of his opportunities during this contest – However putting the team in the worst spot as possible was not what occurred for this roster. Turbin put that ball on the ground twice, and Isaiah Crowell could not muster many yards in this matchup. Duke Johnson was solid once again, but he was only good as a receiver – I don’t really know what to make of this unit but it is what it is.

Wide Receiver – It appeared that that Brian Hartline finally resurrected his 2015 season in this matchup. He collected a pair of touchdowns but that was enough for a victory in this contest. Travis Benjamin was on the receiving end of a few passes as well – he is a solid player but needs help with at his receiving group. Dwayne Bowe certainly has not helped and continues to be a punch line for this franchise.

Tight End – Outside of a few fine plays from Gary Barnidge, what else is there from the tight ends of the Cleveland Browns? Barnidge had a great touchdown grab for the orange and brown – but it would be nice to see a complement from a teammate of his. E.J. Bibbs is the guy I would like to see – but the team still cannot give him a chance. 

Offensive Line – The guys upfront were decent in this matchup; they held their own at some spots but were not effective in others. John Greco looked iffy at best, I suppose he can continue going forward; but many will want to see Cameron Erving in his spot. I hope the rumors about trading Joe Thomas and Alex Mack are not true – the duo has not been incredible all season long, but they are needed to have a decent offensive line in the NFL.


Defensive Line – The guys upfront for the Cleveland Browns weren’t completely terrible this week. Armonty Bryant was exceptional in this meeting – including a fumble recovery and return leading to a touchdown. Desmond Bryant was solid as well; I would have like to have seen more of a performance from Danny Shelton and Randy Starks but that was not the case in this matchup. I might be hoping for too much, but perhaps this unit can finally improve.

Linebacker – Well once again the linebackers were relatively (and that’s putting it nicely) invisible for the Cleveland Browns. Barkevious Mingo and Paul Kruger could not get it done on the edge. Meanwhile, Chris Kirksey and Karlos Dansby were only so good in the middle positions. The Browns desperately need a dynamic player in this unit, but it appears that this will not come in 2015, hopefully next season. 

Secondary – Joe Haden returned and was hurt again in this matchup. Johnson Bademosi could not pick up the slack in his absence; however he will likely be the man to be in coverage on the edge while Joe is out. Donte Whitner left the contest with a head injury as well – can Ibraheim Campbell play solid as well? I have my doubts but the Browns have no choice. 

Special Teams: I guess the special teams did not fail, and the missed extra point by Travis Coons did not decide the contest. However, I am greedy and I would have liked to see the Browns excel in this area – maybe that will change in the future.

Coaching: I don’t know what could more could be done by this coaching staff to win this game – maybe play a bit more conservatively on offense? It did not work out for the orange and brown and it will continue to fester going forward. I hope the gang can get it together, but still have my doubts.

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