Wishing Upon a Star – How One Chose to Spend a Day with the Browns

07 Jun
Wishing Upon a Star – How One Chose to Spend a Day with the Browns

Hitting a Homerun – How the Browns Did it

It’s impossible at this point of the year when an NFL team can do great things and win on the field. However, the Cleveland Browns came pretty close to this recently – their franchise did their best to stand by a little boy who just had one wish. It’s a sad thing that the national media covered this very little, while Johnny’s tossing a water bottle garnered massive headlines. So what happened in Berea…

Positivity for the Browns

It was Dylan Sutcliffe’s Make-a-Wish (of Ohio) to spend a day with the Browns. Not only did the team do that, put they made it special for the child diagnosed with ataxia telangiectasia (a terrible disease that attacks the body’s nervous and immune systems). Dylan signed a one-day contract, toured the team’s facilities, and received a personalized jersey from the Cleveland Browns. He even got to be introduced by General Manager Ray Farmer (with his family present).

This was a great move made by the team. A way to help out Dylan and give him a daylong thrill should be commended. These types of stories cause all types of emotional reactions to those who read them. I am in fully support of the boy with his battle against the disease and hope his wish was everything he thought it would be.

Conclusion: Holdouts, arrests, and off-the-field disputes appear to be the only things that can be found from NFL media during June. It’s refreshing to hear about something not related to these topics during OTAs. I would not be surprised to hear more stories like Dylan’s down the road. Lets face it, the league should be reaching out and helping out the millions of fans. It is the most powerful league in the country; paying it forward should be the norm.


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