What Can the Draft Do for You?

09 May
What Can the Draft Do for You?

Getting Giddy for September

The NFL season is not for another four months, and even the preseason is three months away. However, probably unwisely so, I am very excited to see what the 2015 Cleveland Browns can do on the field. Do I expect them to go 12 – 4 and have a first-round bye in the playoffs? No, but why couldn’t they finally make the leap from a bad-to-mediocre club to a feared one on an annual basis. Let’s see why I am positive on the orange and brown…

Achieving High Marks from Outsiders

Whether it was the Poll on NFL Network, Andrew Siciliano, Charlie Casserly, or Dane Brugler (to name a few) – the Browns drafted head and shoulders above many other franchises in the league. Some dubbed it as safe, while others label it as solid. I personally don’t care what they call it, as long as the team is both better as a result and narrows the perceived talent gap deficiency from several elite teams.

Last season the Browns made headway into the division, getting two victories in the AFC North. A solid draft, and exceptional coaching and development could continue to help the orange and brown. I feel the team is still on the right path and is improving well; securing more than two wins within the AFC North is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Getting Football Players who Love the Game 

Signing talented athletes is obviously the key of draft weekend. However, having the right guys is also a major aspect. This includes athletes who eat, breathe, study, and live football. Guys that not only love the sport, but treat this as a full-time job appears to be what was lacking from the first round of the 2014 draft (subject to change) for the Cleveland Browns.

I am getting a sense of excitement from these guys, for an opportunity to play in the league and improve the team for which he plays. I never got that Johnny Manziel or Justin Gilbert – they said some positive things, but enthusiasm to be a professional athlete was not one of them. If this duo takes a page from Shelton and Erving, and more importantly play to what we expect from them, the Browns can be well ahead of where they were not too long ago.

Conclusion: I know the Browns “won” the draft in 2007, according to many experts. While that was not the case (outside of All-Pro Joe Thomas), they still made some wise moves. In 2015, I expect a majority of the twelve selections to make a huge impact on this team. As we all know, there are so many facets that go into a successful NFL franchise. However, for the first time in awhile – most of these areas appear to be good-to-great. It’s now time for the team to getting top play across the board, following several weeks of practice and training.

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