Cleveland Browns – Round One Picks – Analysis

01 May
Cleveland Browns – Round One Picks – Analysis

Quick React – Day One of the NFL Draft

Many are touting both picks for the Cleveland Browns as safe and not exciting. That’s definitely fine by me, so long as they can get guys who can play and excel in professional. I was a bit surprised Ray Farmer did not trade up or down with either pick, but nonetheless let’s review his decisions.

Danny Shelton – Defensive Tackle – Washington

The twelfth selection was not much of a surprise (and #4 on my big board), and a welcomed addition to this team. While I would have preferred wide receiver DeVante Parker, Shelton is still a tremendous prospect. I cannot wait to see him in a rotation with Phil Taylor, John Hughes, and Desmond Bryant (to name a few). I am not worried about whether if he is a one-down, two-down, or three-down player. If he’s good, Shelton will be on the field. Finally, he comes across as a nice and genuine person – one cannot complain about that.

Conclusion:   I would rate this pick as a B+, he fulfilled a need with this franchise but might not have been the best player available. A draft full of these types of picks would be exceptional for the Cleveland Browns.

Cameron Erving – Offensive Guard – Florida State

I must admit I was more surprised with this pick for the Cleveland Browns. While he was also #4 on my big board at this spot, I was expecting the franchise to scoop up pass rusher Bud Dupree. However, the Browns got another good guy who is extremely versatile (and the only lineman who was deemed acceptable for this team in the first round of the draft). Erving should start day one, but will it be at right guard or right tackle? Also, with the possibility of Alex Mack leaving after next season, the Browns may have already found his replacement.

Conclusion: This pick is a sold B, in my opinion. Again, there appeared to be better players on the board during this point – but Erving is far from a consolation prize. If he can be a stalwart on this line for the next decade, then I will be extremely joyous.


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