From June to July in the NFL – What Happens?

14 Jun
From June to July in the NFL – What Happens?

That Slow Time:  In Between Minicamp and Training Camp

Another portion of the NFL season is upon us; a six-week period that occurs in between minicamp (a time that features players dressed in shirts and shorts) and training camp (when padded practices occur and the depth chart takes shape).  As is obvious, much will occur within this time period.  Along those lines, Browns’ fans should anticipate a few things from now until late July.

Josh Gordon Ruling:

I’m rather surprised the suspension of the top wide out has not been handed down as of this point.  In 2013, Gordon’s two-game ban had already been announced at this point for ingesting codeine without the necessary prescription.  Could we be surprised by a loophole and expect little to no punishment?  That is highly unlikely (as many fans are accustomed to the worst), but the timing of this situation is rather peculiar.  By the time the team takes the field in Berea in July – Gordon’s 2014 role should be known though.

Getting to Know the Staff a Bit More:

This has occurred already, to a certain extent.  Doylestown, Pennsylvania has been mentioned in a few articles – as the city where most of the Cleveland Browns’ coaches hailed from.  Having Mike Pettine Senior at minicamp further cemented this topic, as he is the lynchpin between his son, Jim O’Neil, and Chuck Driesbach (their coach at the high school level).  You should expect many outlets to delve further into this group – as Pettine and his staff are in their first season with the orange and brown and are still relatively unknown in these parts.

The Breakdown of Multiple Training Camp Matchups:

Everyone knows about the two guys who will square off under center.  However, a few more starting jobs still need to be won before the season opener at Heinz Field.  Three areas on the offense would include offensive guard, running back, and wide receiver.  On the defensive side of the ball – guys will compete to see the field at the inside linebacker and cornerback (including nickel back) positions.   This is under the assumption that the roster will maintain its health throughout camp; history has told us that has not been the case.  So for the average fan, getting to know (or become reacquainted with) interior linemen as well as linebackers typically occurs this time of year.

Conclusion:  For the most part, the NFL has become a twelve-month event for those die-hards.  Fans not only care about the season, but also scouting, the draft, and the practices leading up to games.  From mid-June to late July, we get a tremendous opportunity to see the players and staff for who they are – people, like you and me.  It’s hard to remember that sometimes, when we expect our team to feature “robots” who are 100% perfect in what they do and repeat that type of performance on every play.  So, while some could be bored or annoyed at this slower time of the year, a good perspective will be cast upon those who support the NFL.

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