How much better are these Browns?

18 Apr
How much better are these Browns?

The 2014 Cleveland Browns – Really Improved or Excellent Marketing?

I recently went to the team’s official website ( and noticed there were multiple videos featuring veterans.  Two have been here for one season, while the other was a recent acquisition.  That being said, they have not been accustomed to the perpetual losing like some of the other members on the roster.  Are these athletes genuine and will they turn the team around, beginning this campaign?  Or is the website providing false optimism about the Browns now, while impending doom will occur in the fall?  It remains to be seen, but let’s review the three online videos.

Defensive End Desmond Bryant:

The athletic defender clamined to be hungry and ready to go for the upcoming season (following his irregular heartbeat, which prematurely concluded his 2013 campaign).  The now healthy Bryant has been working hard in California and is anxious to join his teammates.  As far as his new boss is concerned, the lineman has shown a great deal of  respect and admiration for coach Pettine – who is defensive-minded.  All of this is positive, and should Bryant remain healthy – I could see another solid year for him.

Cornerback Donte Whitner: 

Discussing the training regimen he is going through, Whitner knows what it takes to be a winner in this league (appearing in three consecutive NFL Championship Games).  The cornerback also spoke about team’s chemistry and how the players are buying in to the new regime.  In order to lay the foundation, Pettine assembled the roster and asked questions in order to find out more about the athletes.  This process was lauded by Whitner; none of this will matter when it’s third-and-goal being up four against the Steelers, and the defense needs a stop.  However, perhaps that moment will be the origin of a strong locker room – which will last for years to come.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer:

After tearing his ACL last season, the signal caller is excited for his teammates to return to Berea.  The veteran has been rehabilitating there and likely misses the camraderie of others.  Hoyer also spoke about the organization and changing the culture – obviously winning will expedite that transformation.  Spearheading that is the quarterback, who has the greatest impact on his team’s success.  Remaining confident, the former Michigan State player believes he will be “the guy” this year.  This interview is extremely positive, but there is ample amount of work to be accomplished, and many things have to go right, in order for his vision to be realized.

Conclusion:  As is likely the case with many fans, watching Bryant, Whitner, and Hoyer gets you amped for the regular season to commence.  However, the Cleveland Browns have not proved anything on the field as of late to give you hope for 2014.  As for the debate, this was a tremendous job by the organization to promote the players’ drive and determination.  I find it hard that the team is truly enhanced at this point; perhaps that won’t be the case in a few weeks or months though.

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One response to “How much better are these Browns?

  1. Bryan Kochy

    April 18, 2014 at 7:49 am

    Ah the off-season, the best time to be a Browns fan!!


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