Here’s to Hoping – The Cleveland Browns

06 Feb
Here’s to Hoping – The Cleveland Browns

Five Reasons Why Browns Fans Can Have Hope

The Seattle Seahawks are now the reigning Super Bowl Champions – it’s not common that the titleholder directly affects multiple franchises.  However, the Browns are attempting to duplicate that team’s formula from the top down.  The Seahawks recent turnaround should give those in northeast Ohio confidence (assuming the front office does things the correct way) for several reasons.

1 – Two years ago, the Seahawks were a mess of a franchise: 

It doesn’t seem that long ago when the Browns, under Colt McCoy, beat the Seattle Seahawks (and quarterback Charlie Whitehurst) 6 – 3.  That Seattle team finished with just a 7 – 9 record and third place in the division.  A whole lot can happen in just two seasons in the NFL; a once mediocre team can elevate to the best in the league.  Currently, the Browns are a bit worse than that (at least record-wise) but they have several talented athletes.  Judging from recent history, they might not be too far from excellence.

2 – A enthusiastic coach and a talented, young quarterback can make big changes:

Can Mike Pettine play the role of Pete Carroll as the fiery NFL head coach?  Obviously it is far too early to tell, but I like his chances over a few of his predecessors.  Being an energetic guy is fine and everything, but the leader must also get the most out of his team.  Additionally, the Browns need a character like Russell Wilson who can be the leader on (and off) the field.  Could that guy be Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, or Teddy Bridgewater?  The Browns will attempt to find that out as one of those three will likely be taken in the May draft.  Getting the right guy at both these spots would bolster the team rather quickly. 

3 – One or two “homerun” draft weekends can transcend a franchise:

Obviously this is a rather difficult, but not impossible, task.  Clearly the Browns will need to get stars in the first two rounds, but if they can find their Richard Sherman (in the fifth round), Russell Wilson (in the third round), and Doug Baldwin (as an undrafted free agent) – the rate of improvement will exacerbate greatly.  Hopefully the scouting trips, Senior Bowl Week, and upcoming Scouting Combine has given what the Browns need to acquire the specific athletes in 2014.

4 – The locker room can dim years of frustration:

Winning cures all that ails you, though having athletes who believe they are winners and can make a difference surely helps things.  Those are the exact type of guys in Seattle, a franchise that had gone decades without winning and never earned a championship.  The right collection, however, came along (i.e. the “Legion of Boom”) and dismissed that notion of continual inferiority.  I believe the Browns have some current members with that same attitude but they need to add to that total. 

5 – The NFL is not like the NBA:

Many believe that winning a title in the National Basketball Association is a process and takes several seasons before the goal is achieved.  Athletes like Michael Jordan, that guy who left the Cavs, and Kobe Bryant (who have won multiple titles) had to endure several playoff losses prior to hoisting the title.  That’s not the case in football, as Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, and Joe Flacco are a few young quarterbacks who won the Super Bowl very early in their career.  Impatient Browns fans can be optimistic that the same formula will apply to them after getting their young signal caller this spring.

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