Final Thought – #22 Pick

25 Apr

Final Decision – picks #4 and #22:  Handicapping who the Browns will select on Thursday

Pick #22 – Likely Candidates:  Mike Adams, David Decastro, Cordy Glenn, Stephen Hill, Jonathan Martin, Nick Perry, Kendall Wright, or Trade (either up or down)

This selection is must harder to speculate about, as it is dependent on what the many teams do before the Browns’ second pick.  Throw in the possibility of Tom Heckert trading up to select a player they have their eye on, or trading down to secure additional picks and speculation will be very difficult.

However, looking at the prospects I hope the Browns continue to select athletes who can make an impact on the scoreboard.  They have another chance to further improve their team with a talented prospect whom other franchises will have to game plan for.  Again, looking at past drafts, the Browns have selected solid, impactful guys (late in the first round) who may not win the game single-handedly but will be an important part of each gameplan.

I believe the team can find dependable players in the mid to later rounds, while choosing athletes who can frustrate and upset the opposition as a member of the Cleveland Browns.  Therefore, while being tremendous prospects, I would continue to shy away from any lineman (offensive and defensive) with the twenty-second pick.  That leaves only two likely options at the pick – Kendall Wright and Stephen Hill. Seeing that Heckert’s only real free agent push for offensive players were for Mario Manningham and Josh Morgan, (both wide receivers) the team will likely continue to seek similar players for the offense.

Looking at Tom Heckert’s history, (as then-general manager) the Philadelphia Eagles took Jeremy Maclin at the 19th position in 2009 and Desean Jackson in the second round (49th selection) in the 2008 draft.  Both of these playmakers are wide receivers whom have helped their offense extremely.  Thus, the Browns front office seems open to drafting this position group early if they are available and can help the team.  With likely Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd (the two highest-rated wide receivers) off the board, Cleveland can possibly choose the third or fourth best target for the passing game.

I feel Kendall Wright should be the Browns’ selection at number twenty-two.  He is an extremely fast and talented athlete who gives the offense a different receiving option other than Greg Little.  Although he is not the largest receiver – being the similar size, as Desean Jackson, should give fans hope that the team would still select him (from Heckert’s history).  The issue becomes whether Wright would be available at the position; should someone take the receiver from Baylor earlier, I would hope the Browns still go with wide receiver and take Stephen Hill.

Watching film of him play, one has to get excited from the types of plays he makes.  Hill’s stats are not as impressive as Wright’s; however, his offensive system (primarily running) lends itself to low receiving numbers.  Being a gigantic and quick player would be enticing for the Browns to choose.

Should both players be selected before the Browns’ second selection, I could see the front office making a trade down for more picks.  (This, of course, is dependent on whether Michael Floyd falls and is available in the mid-teens; that is the most likely scenario I feel where the Browns trade up for the former Notre Dame receiver).  I do not believe Mike Adams (or most offensive lineman outside of Glenn) is worth a first round selection, and a very good right tackle can be selected in the second round or later.  That is where the team can choose several reliable starters who may not be flashy but can definitely improve the team.


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5 responses to “Final Thought – #22 Pick

  1. Pete S.

    April 25, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Note: Mike Adams’ value has dropped significantly due to his poor decision to smoke weed just before the NFL did drug testing. This immaturity and stupidity will cost him millions of dollars.

    • edubs1983

      April 25, 2012 at 6:15 pm

      Absolutely agree, and I’m glad he made the Browns’ choice a little easier at number 22.

  2. Pete S

    April 27, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Richardson pick was great. Weeden was a surprise but our receiver was taken by Tenn. Keep McCoy and cut Seneca Wallace, unless we can trade Colt for an extra pick. Schwartz selection came out of nowhere!

  3. edubs1983

    April 29, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Yea, I would be happy to the team part with Seneca and find a third cheap QB, I would be shocked if they got a good draft pick for McCoy. I’m a little surprised they went OL before WR in the second, but as Heckert has stated this is a long-term process and there’s a good chance Schwartz will be our starter if he plays to his capabilities.

    • Pete S.

      May 2, 2012 at 5:30 pm

      My only guess is that they have been looking at film all year, where the receivers get open, albeit for a very short time, and that McCoy failed to deliver the ball at the right time. With Holmgren and Shurmur being so offensive minded, they would of taken a few receivers if they had any doubt in what we had.


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