NFL Combine – Offensive Players to Watch

16 Feb

2012 NFL Combine – Offense:

Besides the obvious, here’s a list of a few players on offense to keep an eye on.

(I’ve omitted special teams positions for several reasons including they aren’t drafted high or at all.  I’ve also omitted tight ends, as we have several on the roster, even if they are no Rob Gronkowski).

Seventeen on Offense to Watch:

Quarterbacks (outside of Luck and Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill due to injury) – Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, Brock Osweiler

Cousins – 6’3” 205 Lbs
Foles – 6’5” 240 Lbs
Osweiler – 6’8” 240 Lbs

Synopsis:  The most important position on the field should have a watchful eye on them during the combine.  Of course if the Browns draft Griffin, this discussion is moot regarding the above players.  However, if not, the Browns have a few options for a few signal callers.

Cousins is an undersized project, however he is known as a leader and winner in college.  Foles has great size but has gone under the radar for the most part during his collegiate career.  Osweiler should be considered based on his physical tools; whether he can play in the NFL could be another story.

My take:  Personally, Cousins reminds me of Colt McCoy and since we have one on the team I do not see the Browns drafting him.  If they don’t draft Griffin I would be intrigued by Osweiler in the later rounds; he is tall and definitely athletic.  I’m not the biggest Foles fan, and unless he has a terrific combine showing, I would not be upset if they went in another direction.

Wide Receivers (outside of Blackmon, Wright, Floyd, and Sanu) – Joe Adams, Lavon Brazill, Ryan Broyles, Marvin McNutt, Eric Page

Adams – 5’11” 190 Lbs
Brazill – 5’11” 191 Lbs
Broyles – 5’10” 188 Lbs
McNutt – 6-‘4” 215 Lbs
Page – 5’10” 180 Lbs

Synopsis:  All the receivers bring something valuable to the teams who draft them.  Pretty much any of the five could all be a returner as well as a second or third receiver.  What stands out is McNutt’s size over everyone else. All are speed guys and would be a great complement to Greg Little and anyone else they would acquire.

My take:  Even if the Browns get a free agent wide out or one early in the draft, I would be all for taking him another one later in the draft.  I like McNutt for his size, but would not complain if they took any on this list.  I hope Page or Brazill both slide (where the Browns scoop them up) due to them playing at smaller schools. Broyles should be healed from his 2011 injury, but that question mark could cause him to slide as well.

Running Backs (outside of Lamar Miller) – Edwin Baker, Doug Martin, Isaiah Pead, Chris Rainey, La Michael James

Baker – 5’9” 210 Lbs
Martin – 5’9” 215 Lbs
Pead – 5’11” 200 Lbs
Rainey – 5’9” 174 Lbs
James – 5’9” 185 Lbs

Synopsis:  Chris Rainey’s size (or lack thereof) is a concern, however he will be used as more of a running back/receiver like Percy Harvin in the NFL.  All are smaller backs who would be good complements to a larger runner for the Browns (if they keep Hillis).  Again, I feel like they can get one of these guys in the later rounds, which I hope they do.

My take:  Out of the group, my favorite would probably be Pead due to his size and speed.  Martin would be a viable option as well, due to his tougher running style that AFC North backs typically possess.  I worry about La Michael taking a beating from the defense of the Ravens and Steelers.  I hope the Browns do their homework on Baker, as I’ve not heard his name mentioned too often; I believe he could be a late round steal.

Offensive Lineman (outside of Riley Reif and Matt Kalil) – Mike Adams (tackle), Nate Potter (tackle), Jonathan Martin (tackle), Andrew Datko (tackle)

Adams – 6’7” 323 Lbs
Potter – 6’6” 295 Lbs
Martin – 6’6” 304 Lbs
Datko – 6’6” 321 Lbs

Synopsis:  All have excellent size and the ability to play in the NFL.  Adams will likely be taken the earliest of the group in the draft, but all seem to be viable options.  The most important thing to focus on during the combine would be the players’ mechanics and what type of shape they are at the combine; there’s no excuse to see the condition Andre Smith was a few seasons ago.

My take:  Obviously the Browns need a very good right tackle to come in an make an impact.  All four guys listed are tackles, which was done on purpose.  Currently, I believe Mike Adams is overvalued (which could change) but I would like to see what he can do in Indianapolis.  I hope the team takes one of these guys, like a Martin or Datko, in the mid rounds to open holes and help the offense move the ball

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